GreeneStreet Films and Sidney Kimmel Entertainmentannounced today (May 1) that they will co-finance writer-director WayneBeach's thriller Slow Burn in aco-production deal with Bonnie Timmermann Productions.

The actioncentres on an ambitious district attorney who has a 24-hour showdown with apowerful gang leader.

Ray Liotta andLL Cool J will star in the project. Liotta is currently starring in JamesMangold's Identity while LL Cool J will next be seen in the action thriller S.W.A.T. Beach makes his directorial debut onthe film after screenplays for Murder At 1600 and The Art Of War.

The film isbeing produced by GreeneStreet partner John Penotti, Sidney Kimmel, BonnieTimmermann and GreeneStreet head of production Tim Williams.

Liotta will co-executive produce with GreeneStreet partnerFisher Stevens and Longfellow Pictures' Andy Karsch.

'Wayne hascreated a provocative thriller with a strong undercurrent of sexual tension, itcompletely reeled me in. I couldnit put the script down,' Penottisaid in a statement. 'We are extremely enthusiastic to be part of his film.'

Penotti and GreeneStreet'sCedric Jeanson will be in Cannes representing international sales on SlowBurn.

Thecompany's financing and producing credits include In the Bedroom, Pinero and Swimfan.

Uptown Girls (formerly titled Molly Gunn), starring Brittany Murphy and DakotaFanning, will be released by MGM this summer.

GreeneStreet iscurrently executive producing Sally Potter's Yes, starring Joan Allen, Simon Abkarian andSam Neill.