DreamWorksInternational's Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit has stormed off to an early $6.8minternational running total and executives will be looking to build when theanimated picture launches through UIP in Brazil, Mexico and Spain on Oct 7.

Paramount'srevenge drama Four Brothers gets a big push this weekend when UIP unleashes it in France onOct 5, followed by Italy and Mexico on Oct 7. It has taken $4.2m to date.

MeanwhileUniversal's comedy The 40-Year-Old Virgin should pass $20m when UIP opens it in Australia on Oct 6.

Comedies are notoriously difficult to market outside theircountry of origin, however Steve Carell's entertaining turn and the broadappeal of the premise should see the picture add to its $19.3m internationalcumulative total.

Universal'ssci-fi adventure Serenity opens in the UK on Oct 7 through UIP; the film is in the earlystages of its run.

Despite no majoropenings, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory is expected to hold well through WarnerBros Pictures International (WBPI). As of Oct 2, it had grossed more than$219.9m, including Roadshow territories.

Televisionadaptation Dukes Of Hazzard opens in Germany Oct 6; it has amassed more than $23.2m includingRoadshow territories.

According toWBPI executives, The Island stands at $124m, Batman Begins is on $165.3m, Must Love Dogs is on $8.4m, and Sisterhood Of TheTraveling Pants hastaken around $2.7m.

Horror title TheExorcism Of Emily Rose getsits first international launches through Sony Pictures Releasing International(SPRI) in Italy on Oct 7 on 400 prints.

SPRI executivesare targeting the Catholic crowd and also release the picture in theItalian-speaking region of Switzerland on the same day.

TheAdventures of Shark Boy And Lava Girl in 3D opens in Germany on Oct 6 on 80 prints; it has grossed$22.9m to date.

Stealth has performed below par thus far, but theaction picture will get the chance to revive its fortunes when it debuts inJapan on Oct 8 on 338 prints. Stealth has grossed $31.6m so far.

Bewitched stands at$57.9m and Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo has taken $14.7m to date.

BVI's familytitle Sky High opensin Germany and Brazil on Oct 6 and 7 respectively; it has grossed $7.6m todate.

The comedy KinkyBoots gets it firstworldwide opening in the UK on a moderate number of prints on Oct 7. Stayingwith the UK, BVI executives will be looking for strong second weekend performancefrom the football drama Goal!, which also opens in Sweden, Turkey, and Singapore this weekend.

CinderellaMan has grossed $35.8mthrough BVI to date.

The Russian fantasy adventure smash Night Watch opens through Fox International in the UK on Oct 7 on189 prints; it has grossed $24m through all distributors and $7.7m through FoxInternational.

Romantic comedy FeverPitch opens in SouthKorea on Oct 7 on 80 prints; it has grossed $4.8m to date. The treasure seeking adventure IntoThe Blue goes out inTaiwan on Oct 8 on 49 prints.

New Line International'scomedy Monster-In-Law opensin Italy through Eagle Pictures on Oct 7; it has grossed $63.2m so far.

WeddingCrashers launches inSpain on Oct 7 through Tri-Pictures. It stands at $64.9m.

Following its number oneMexican debut last weekend Flightplan spreads its wings and sets course for Argentina and Taiwan this weekend.The thriller has grossed $3m through Buena Vista International (BVI) from theearly stages of its run.