Beijing-based Fantasy Pictures Entertainment has moved into production business with a mission to develop young generation film-makers.

The first film in their 2008 slate is romantic drama Qiyue And Ansheng, directed by upcoming Han Yan.

The project is now approved by the Film Bureau and it plans to start shooting before summer.

Established in 2005, Fantasy Pictures Entertainment is formed by graduates of Beijing Film Academy and it previously invested in films such as Lou Ye's Summer Palace, Fengming / A Chinese Memoir directed by Wang Bing, Betelnut directed by Yang Heng.

Fantasy is also the backer of Robin Weng's 2007 film Fujian Blue as well as his current HAF project Red Spider Lily.

'In 2008, we are planning to make more genre films apart from our involvement in endorsing China's auteur directors,' said Guan Yadi, the new head of production of Fantasy Films, former staff from Polybona Film Distribution.