Sony's Hancock continued to rule the roost despite another excellent weekend for Paramount's Kung Fu Panda that pushed it well over $200m and a sensational launch for Universal Mamma Mia!

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) superhero saga Hancock starring Will Smith stayed on song following last weekend's July The Fourth weekend launch and boosted the overseas tally by an estimated $71.4m from 8,125 screens in 66 markets to $180.2m.

Of the new openers Russia caused the biggest stir thanks to an $11.7m debut from 589 screens for the sixth biggest opening in history. France generated $10.1m from 752 for the second biggest launch of the year behind only Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull.

Mexico produced $4.7m from 784, India generated $2.2m from 429 in the biggest launch of the year, Holland opened on $1.7m from 90, Belgium scored $1.5m from 69 and the Ukraine produced $1m from 81 for the sixth biggest opening of all time.

In several key smaller markets, Hancock grossed $875,000 from 76 in Poland, $445,000 from 40 in Peru, $375,000 from 40 in Finland and $220,000 from 37 in Ecuador.

The UK led the holdovers as the action picture added $7.9m from 853 for $34m to rank second behind Mamma Mia! after two weekends. Smith held strong at the top in Germany on $7.6m from 982 for $24.3m and added $4m from 535 in South Korea for $14.8m, $3.8m from 356 in Australia for $14.3m, $2.2m from 380 in Brazil for $7.9m and $1.5m from 120 in Switzerland for $3.1m.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan's $1m from 435 in nine raised the Adam Sandler comedy's running total to $25.5m and The Incredible Hulk added a further $500,000 from 421 in SPRI's sole territory of Spain for $7.3m after four weekends.

DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda enjoyed its biggest weekend yet through PPI as $41m from 6,236 sites in 55 territories elevated the score to $215.9m.

There were new openings in 11 territories, including $7.3m from 761 sites in France, a number one $6m launch in Spain in 553 venues, $1.8m from 112 in the Netherlands including previews and a number one $1.4m debut in Belgium in 105 including previews.

Elsewhere, there were strong holds in the UK, where $5.3m from 438 raised the tally to $21.3m, Germany on $3.7m from 718 for $10.2m, and Australia on $2.9m from 265 for $20m.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull added a further $5.7m from 2,332 sites in 62 territories for a staggering $441m.

The largest contribution came from Japan, where the adventure sequel added $3m from 325 for $37.7m.

Universal's Mamma Mia! scored a resounding $24m from only 1,368 venues in 12 territories through UPI ahead of next weekend's North American release for an excellent $17,544 per-screen average.

The musical adaptation launched at number one in the UK with 34% market share on $13.2m from 495 including previews, making it the biggest opening ever for a musical and Universal's fourth biggest launch in the territory.

Australia delivered a $5.2m number one launch from 258 and scored the biggest opening day for a musical and UPI's second biggest release behind only The Bourne Ultimatum.

Mamma Mia! re-wrote the record books in Sweden as Universal scored its biggest launch in the homeland of ABBA, whose songs form the backbone of the picture. The number one launch grossed $1.6m from 126. The joy spread throughout Scandinavia as Mamma Mia! scored its second biggest ever launch in Norway on $1.3m from 87 and Denmark delivered $635,000 from 67.

Mamma Mia! stands at $27.7m to date including Greece, which opened last weekend and provides the setting for the story. 'This is a magnificent launch and we're thrilled,' UPI president David Kosse said, adding that the film played well across family demographics and was expected to continue to do so throughout its run.

Kosse added that while The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor would not now premiere in China before the Olympics Games begin on August 8, reports that the release had been postponed indefinitely pending cuts were exaggerated. 'It's still a co-production with China, the film is ready to go and we're looking forward to the release sometime after the Olympics,' he said.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army kicked off in four overseas markets besides the number one North American launch, grossing $4.6m from 533 sites in Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

The fantasy graphic novel adaptation sequel took $2.1m from 398 in Mexico to rank third, which was the best opening day for director Guillermo del Toro in his native country and scored more in three days than the 2004 original did in its entire run. It opened top in Thailand on $897,000 from 45 for Universal's sixth biggest launch ever and top in Malaysia on $827,000 from 61 for the company's fourth biggest launch. Singapore produced $770,000 from 29 sites.

Wanted raised its running total by $9.5m from 2,532 venues in 28 territories for a healthy looking $80.7m bearing in mind there are still 37 territories to go. The graphic novel adaptation opened at the top in Indonesia on $644,000 from 50 for Universal's biggest ever launch in the market.

The picture held strong at number one in Italy, proving that the right product can prosper in the tricky Mediterranean summer. $943,000 from 223 venues raised the tally to $4m. Russia added $1.6m from 580 for $25m, the UK added $1.4m from 404 for $16.2m and South Korea stands at $16.7m.

The Incredible Hulk crossed $100m thanks to a $3.1m haul from 3,876 locations in 54 territories for $101.3m, $88m of which comes from Universal territories while $13.3m comes from Australia and New Zealand through PPI, Spain through SPRI and Germany and Austria through Concorde.

The Incredible Hulk ranks third in Germany on $919,000 from 416 sites and launched in third in Austria on $115,000 from 65. There are five territories to go including France, Japan and China.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian is now the third biggest international release of this calendar year after adding $11.9m from 4,132 theatres in 42 territories for $218m. It opened top in Turkey on $407,000 from 85 screens and added $2.6m in the second weekend in Spain for $9.8m and $2.5m from France in the third weekend for $15.8m. The UK stands at $19.8m after four.

Wall-E added $7.2m for $33.4m and delivered the biggest launch for a Disney animated film in Argentina with a $1.1m number one result from 85 screens that beat the combined tally of the rest of the top ten. Mexico added $2.4m in the second weekend for $9.8m and Russia took $1.6m for $9.1m after the same amount of time.

Warner Bros Pictures International's comedy Get Smart added $6.16m from roughly 2,150 prints in 27 markets for $46.1m. The TV adaptation opened in second place in Italy on $1m from 325 and has reached $12.5m in Australia after three weekends.

Fox International's family picture Meet Dave launched day-and-date with North America in 18 mostly small markets for $3.6m from 981 screens. Russia and Australia were the only active major markets and earned $1.5m and $1m, respectively.

Fox released the Chinese co-production The Battle Of Red Cliff to great success in Taiwan on $2.6m from 91 screens. The Happening added $1.9m from approximately 2,000 screens in 45 markets for $82.4m and will open in Japan at the end of the month. What Happens In Vegas stands at $129.2m and opens in Japan in the first weekend in August, while Street Kings has reached $36m.

Sex And The City has amassed $220.5m through New Line International's distributor network. Career highlights include the UK on $51.3m, Australia on $24.6m, Germany on $24.4m, France on $17.8m, Italy on $10.4m, Russia on $8.6m, Spain on $6.8m, South Korea on $6.5m, Denmark on $5.7m, Norway on $4.8m and the Netherlands on $4.6m.

New Line's Journey 3D launched day-and-date with North American on $4.2m. The adventure opened in the UK on $2.1m from 250 screens, Brazil on $1.5m from 260, the Philippines on $255,864 from 26 and Malaysia on $223,112 from 60.