Seven letters dominated the box office over the weekend as Hancock, pushed out by Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) across half the world, demolished its rivals thanks to an estimated $78.3m gross from 5,444 screens in 50 markets.

The exceptional result is borne out by the comparisons. Based on grosses in the same territories, blockbusters like The Simpsons took $73.4m, Transformers grossed $72.6m, Spider-Man 2 grossed $58.3m and Smith's last release I Am Legend scored $63.9m.

Of the 50 territories opening, 47 delivered number one results led by the UK's $19.3m from 876 screens and Germany's $12.4m from 983 that produced 61% market share.

Elsewhere Hancock opened on $8.5m from 503 in South Korea in the 11th biggest launch of a Hollywood picture and grossed $7.3m from 354 in Australia. $5.5m from 461 in China was enough for the fourth biggest Hollywood debut in history while $3.4m from 400 in Brazil produced the 19th biggest opening there.

Smith's alcoholic superhero grossed $3.1m from 150 screens in Taiwan, $1.5m from 118 in Austria, $1.4m from 125 in Thailand, $1.3m from 52 in Hong Kong, $1.1m from 48 in Singapore and $1.2m from 70 in Malaysia for the 15th biggest launch ever. Switzerland and the Philippines produced $1.1m from 102 and $1m from 80, respectively.

The Gulf States opened to a total of $1.4m from 43 screens while the UAE delivered a superb $903,000 from 28 for the second biggest launch in history behind Spider-Man 2. Venezuela produced the third biggest launch ever behind Shrek The Third and The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian on $835,000 from 73.

In other records, Romania's $135,000 from eight generated the sixth biggest launch in history and Latvia's $90,000 from four produced the seventh biggest debut.

Next weekend Hancock opens in France, Mexico, Russia, Holland, Belgium, India, the Ukraine, Poland, Peru, French-speaking Switzerland, Finland, Ecuador.

Kung Fu Panda scored the biggest weekend of its powerful run to date, grossing $38m from 5,448 sites in 44 territories for a $150m running total.

The animated picture opened in 20 territories led by the UK on $10.7m including previews from 443 venues, Germany on $3.6m from 808 and Brazil on $2.9m from 295 including previews.

Poland delivered a solid $2.3m from 130, Argentina came in with a number one $924,000 from 105, Portugal delivered a table topping $800,000 from 67 and Austria produced $684,000 from 105 including previews. Israel opened top on $502,000 from 48 including previews.

Holdover business saw Kung Fu Panda add $3.8m from 262 in Australia for $13.5m and $1.9m from 410 in Mexico for $16m.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull added a further $7.1m from 3,400 sites in 62 territories for an extraordinary $429m. Japan generated $3.5m for $32.5m.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian is racing towards $200m and added $24.3m from approximately 5,000 screens in 42 countries for $194m.

The picture ranks number one in ten territories and opened very well in Spain on $6.3m from 350, beating the combined tally of the remaining top ten entries. Prince Caspian grossed $1.7m from 150 in Sweden and scored the biggest single day for a picture this year. Belgium generated $1.3m from 105, Norway $1.1m from 50, Holland $1m from 155 and Denmark $935,000 from 70.

In holdovers, Prince Caspian stayed top in France for the second weekend in a row as $5m from 760 venues raised the tally to $14m and the picture grossed $3.9m from 525 in the UK for $14.3m after two weekends.

The adventure sequel is expected to cross $200m by Tuesday or Wednesday and there is still all of German-speaking Europe to go.

Pixar's Wall-E ranks number one in eight out of its nine active territories and was in fine form this weekend, adding $12.9m from 1,645 screens for an early $18m running total. Mexico led the way on a $5.3m number one launch on 600 in what was the biggest opening for a Disney animated picture. The same record was set in Russia and the Ukraine, which delivered $5m from 500 and $436,000 from 80, respectively.

Elsewhere, Wall-E has reached a combined gross of $3.5m in Chile and Colombia after two weekends and opens in South Africa and Israel next week,

Universal/UPI's graphic novel adaptation Wanted boosted its score by $18.8m from 2,312 venues in 23 territories for an early $64.2m.

The Italian summer gamble paid off as Wanted launched at number one on $2.2m from 249 sites, while director Timur Bekmambetov's home country Russia generated a further $6.5m from 613 to stand at $21.7m and Wanted is now Universal's biggest and the industry's tenth biggest release.

South Korea delivered $3.8m from 240 for $12.9m while the UK produced $2.5m from 402 for $12.9m. There are 42 territories still to release.

The Incredible Hulk added $4.9m from 3,753 in 56 for $95.7m, $84.3m of which comes from UPI territories. $11.4m comes from Australia and New Zealand through Paramount/PPI and $6.2m comes from Spain through SPRI.

The green ogre has amassed $5.2m in Italy, $15.9m in the UK, $11.6m in Mexico and $4.9m in Brazil. There are seven territories to go over the next five weeks including Germany, France, Japan and China.

Mamma Mia! kicked off its theatrical run this weekend with a wide release in Greece that produced an excellent $1.6m from 155 sites and an exclusive one-week engagement at the Odeon Leicester Square in London that delivered $240,000. The UK opens wide along with nine other territories including Australia and Sweden this coming weekend.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Get Smart grossed $7.3m from more than 2,100 screens in 22 markets for $34.3m. In the second weekend Australia added $2.6m from 323 screens for $8.5m and Mexico grossed $1.8m from 690 for $6.8m while Brazil added $507,000 from 239 for $3.7m after three.

Speed Racer stands at $42.2m following a $1.2m weekend haul from approximately 1,100 screens in 31 markets.

Fox International has reached $1bn in receipts for 2008. Key drivers for the weekend were The Happening's $5m from approximately 2,700 screens in 64 markets for $79m and a $1.5m result for What Happens In Vegas on approximately 750 screens in 22 markets for $127.5m. Street Kings has grossed $35.5m and Shutter stands at $18.5m.

SPRI's You Don't Mess With The Zohan grossed $2m from 885 screens in nine markets for $23.3m and Made Of Honor added $1.5m in 1,180 from 29 for $50.6m. As previously mentioned, The Incredible Hulk stands at $6.5m in Spain and grossed $880,000 from 498 screens this weekend.