Sony Pictures Entertainment's (SPE) local production arm Columbia Pictures Producciones Mexico has hired Hans Zimmer to score the music for its comedy Casi Divas (Road To Fame).

Currently in post-production, Casi Divas is the second film to come from Columbia Pictures Producciones Mexico after Ninas Mal and was written and directed by Issa Lopez, who co-wrote the screenplay for Ninas Mal.

The story centres on four ambitious young women from four different regions of Mexico who take part in an open casting call to discover the next big talent. Patricia Llaca, Julio Bracho, Maya Zapata, Ana Layevska, Diana Garcia, and Daniela Schmidt star.

Luz Maria Rojas produced the film, which like Ninas Mal is based on an original idea and treatment by Sony Pictures Releasing International's vice president of creative advertising Ignacio Darnaude.

'Hans Zimmer's music is already a part of the fondest memories of more
than one generation,' Lopez said. 'Anyone exposed to movies in any corner of the world has been moved by his creations. Having a musician as talented and as passionate as Hans composing for Casi Divas is a gift and a privilege.'

'I am thrilled with the opportunity to work with a new young film-maker with innovative vision, like Issa, who is bringing a fresh voice to film,' Zimmer said.