The veteran Hollywood producer Eric Pleskow celebrates his 90th birthday today.

Eric Pleskow

Eric Pleskow

Clearly not feeling his age, Pleskow continues to serve as president of the Viennale, the Vienna International Film Festival, for the past 17 years.

“Eric is a wonderful person, and a close and generous friend,” says Viennale director Hans Hurch, adding, “and I dearly wish for him and for us that he’ll be able to return to Vienna as often as possible with all his vigilance, wit and irreconcilability.”

The Viennale and Filmarchiv Austria will honour Pleskow by dedicating to him a cinema hall bearing his name in Vienna’s new Metrokino.

Pleskow was born to Jewish parents in Vienna in 1924, and fled from the Nazi terror in 1939 to the US, where he established his film career. The 12-time Oscar winner was formerly president of United Artists and Orion Pictures.