Harry Potter And TheChamber Of Secrets conjured up$60.5m in the international markets over the weekend, according to latestestimates from Warner Bros. The family sequel registered more than 10.9 millionadmissions from 9,850 screens in 41 countries and now has a remarkable $289minternational running total with just over $500m worldwide.

In the latest round ofrecord-breaking bows, Chamber Of Secrets grossed $13.5m (Euros 13.6m) from France, with 2.4 million admissionsfrom 1,073 screens. It was the third biggest opening of all time in theterritory behind Taxi 2 and Asterix& Obelix and the biggest bow foran American picture. Admissions were 16% higher than those recorded last yearfor Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone. In Italy the picture took $5.35m (Euros 5.37m) from648 screens, which was enough to claim 80% market share. It was the fifthbiggest opening ever. The opening was down 10% on the original, chiefly becausethe original's release benefited from the December 8 (ImmaculateConception) holiday falling on a Saturday, which meant many people took Fridayoff and boosted attendance. This year it fell on Sunday.

The second weekend in Spainwas the biggest ever, as Chamber Of Secrets dropped just 11% to hold on to number one with$5.04m (Euros 5.08m) and a little over one million admissions from 566 screens.It was 12% higher than the original's second weekend and the picture hasgrossed $12.1m (Euros 12.2m) in the territory to date. Second in the market wasWarner Bros' horror story Ghost Ship, which opened on $1.59m, which was marginally higherthan that amount in Euros. Chamber Of Secrets held on to top spot in its second weekend inAustralia with $2.8m (AU$4.9m) from 487 screens - just below comparable figuresfor the original. The running total in Australia is $10.2m (AU$18.2m). Mexicoyielded $2.3m (Ps23.5m) with 386,000 admissions from 585 prints, which was 3%higher than Sorcerer's Stone.The cumulative score is $8.2m (Ps 83.6m), about 10% ahead of the original.

In its third weekend inJapan the picture grossed $9.8m (Yen1.2bn) with 978,171 admissions from 835screens, beating the original by 17%. Although it marked a 15% drop from theprevious weekend it was still good enough for the biggest third weekend ever inthe territory. The running total for Japan now stands at $54.9m (Yen6.6bn). InHolland it held on to top spot with $1.37m (Euro 1.36m) and 192,000 admissionsfrom 271 screens. This was 10.7% ahead of the original and the cumulative scoreis $5.61m (Euros 5.56m).

In the UK in its fourthweekend, Chamber Of Secrets addedanother $4.3m (£2.7m) to the coffers from 529 situations for a terrific$65m (£41m) running total that is tracking about 3% ahead of theoriginal. Germany kept up the good work, too: the picture fell 31% for a $4.1m(Euros 4.09m) haul with 635,000 admissions from 1,382 screens that puts it on$45.6m (Euros 45.1m).