In a stunning third weekenddisplay that underlines the might of the international arena, Harry PotterAnd The Goblet Of Fire added anestimated $92.6m from more than 11,600 prints in 57 markets for a $330.6mrunning total.

Combined with the estimated$229m domestic tally the family picture's worldwide gross now stands at morethan $560m.

Goblet Of Fire's weekendperformance was powered by 15 openings led by a mighty French launch thatproduced $19.7m from 950 prints and 2.8million admissions nationwide. This wasthe biggest ever opening for a Warner Bros title, the biggest Harry Potter release ever and the second biggest industry openingweekend of all time behind Star Wars Episode III.

Australia generated $9.2mfrom 553 prints for the second biggest Warner Bros release behind The MatrixReloaded and the fifth biggestindustry opening weekend ever.

South Korea produced $6.2mincluding previews from 331 prints for the fourth biggest industry openingweekend and the biggest in the Harry Potter franchise.

South Africa produced$790,000 including previews from 85 for the biggest launch in the franchise,while Venezuela deserves mention for a sensational $558,000 launch on 85 printsincluding previews that resulted in the biggest industry opening weekend of alltime.

The UK led the holdoverswith a third weekend $8.7m weekend haul from 1,300 prints that raised therunning total to a magnificent $64.3m. In other third weekend holds, Germanyadded $6.2m from 1,256 for $4.1m, and Mexico grossed $1.8m from 654 to stay topon $16.8m.

Japan led the second weekendholds, beating a strong opening by Mr And Mrs Smith to hold on to first place with $8.6m from 858 for a$29.9m running total.

Italy added $5.2m from 880for $18m after two, Spain added $4.1m from 531 for $13.1m, and Brazil grossed$2.3m from 550 for $7.9m, a strong result that ranks as Warner Bros' biggestever second weekend.

Chicken Little added $7.1m through Buena Vista International (BVI)for a $41.2m running total. Key drivers were Italy, which opened on $2.3m forthe seventh biggest animated debut in industry history, Singapore, whichlaunched on $625,000 for the biggest animated industry launch of all time, andthe Philippines, which opened on $260,000 for the seventh biggest animatedindustry launch.

After three weekends Spainranks fourth on $6.4m, while Mexico has amassed $11m after five and has nowpassed the lifetime gross of Toy Story 2.

The thriller Flightplan added $5.8m for a $94m international running totaland is expected to cross $100m next weekend. Strong holds were led by the UK,which produced $2.2m for $6m after two, while Spain raised its tally to $7.6mafter four and Australia stands at $5m also after four.

Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI)'s The Exorcism Of Emily Rose maintained a respectable run, adding $7m from 2,518screens in 57 markets for $42.5m.

It opened in second place on$740,000 on 178 in Brazil, while Argentina produced $170,000 on 33 for second,Sweden generated $150,000 on 36 for third place, and Portugal generated$135,000 on 40.

After two weekends the UKstands at $4.8m and Germany has grossed $3.3m. Spain stands at $5.5m afterthree, and Mexico has amassed $6.5m after four.

Zathura grossed $700,000 from 185 screens in four marketsfor an early $1.3m internationalrunning total. Taiwan opened second on $610,000 from 90 and Indonesia openedtop on $85,000 from 30.

Horror remake The Fog launched in its first market of Malaysia and grossed$120,000 from 26 screens.

Mr And Mrs Smith opened in second place on $5.2m on 418 screens in theSummit/Regency market through Toho Towa. The picture has amassed $252m throughall distributors and stands at $439m worldwide.

DreamWorks International'sromantic comedy Just Like Heaven openedin another 20 markets through UIP and added $6.1m for a $10.2m running total.

Highlights were Germany,which opened on $1.2m from 267 sites and ranks third, and Spain, which produced$1m from 212.

DreamWorks International'sanimated title Wallace And Gromit addedanother $1m through UIP for a $123m international running total.

Universal's Doom added $1.9m from 975 sites in 30 territories throughUIP for a running total of $21.3m, powered by a fifth place debut in the UK on$1m from 242 locations. There are still 11 territories to open including Spainon Dec 30, Italy on Mar 10, and Japan on Apr 1.

Nanny McPhee has amassed $28.5m in the UK; it opens in the rest ofthe world in early 2006.

The Constant Gardener, which Universal has in 12 territories, added $1.4mfrom 555 sites for $15.2m, while Pride And Prejudice, which stands at $42.6m from eight territories,continues to open around the world in December and January. Comedy The40-Year-Old Virgin has amassed$58.2m so far and gets its final release in Italy on Jan 13.

Fox International's Shopgirlopened in Australia on $142,000 from36 screens. The drama In her Shoesopened in third place in Brazil on $272,000 from 76, while Mexico generated$575,000 from 250.