Josh Hartnett has been set to star in Roland Joffe’s epic romantic adventure Singularity for Corsan as the film kicks off production today [8] in Australia.

Corsan CEO Paul Breuls is producing and reported brisk sales on the project packaged by the Paradigm Motion Picture Finance Group.

Deals have closed at AFM for Russia (Luxor), South Korea (Noori Pictures), Turkey (Mediavysion), Middle East (Pipeline) and Southeast Asia (Parkit). Offers are in for most territories.

Singularity will shoot in Australia for ten weeks before relocating to India. Joffe wrote the screenplay from a story by Ajey Jhankar that spans two centuries.

The story follows a present-day scientist on a stricken research ship who races to unlock a 200-year-old mystery about an 18th century British officer in India and his young palace guard lover.

Olga Kurylenko and Bollywood star and former supermodel Bipasha Basu. Catherine Vandeleene will produce alongside Bruels.

Corsan has generated a positive response to the promo reel for the drama Devil’s Double starring Dominic Cooper and will shortly announces sales on tha.t project and John McTiernan upcoming action film Shrapnel.