Oscar-winning director Sidney Lumet is moving aheadwith new thriller, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead.

London-based Capitol Films revealed at Cannes that isfinancing and selling the project.

Lumet (whose credits include such acknowledgedclassics as Network, Dog Day Afternoon and Twelve Angry Men) is currently putting together a heavyweight cast.

Already attached are Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke,renowned British actor Albert Finney (Erin Brockovich, Big Fish) and Marisa Tomei.

Meanwhile, advanced negotiations are currently underway with another award-winning male star for one of the two leading roles.

The film is about two brothers who organise therobbery of their parents' jewellery store.

The job goes horribly wrong, triggering off a seriesof events that send them, their father (Finney) and Hawke's wife (Tomei)hurtling towards a shattering climax.

From a script by Lumet, Kelly Masterson and AustinChick, the film is produced by Michael Cerenzie (City of Ghosts, Deuces Wild) of Michael Cerenzie Productions, Brian Linse and William S. Gilmore.

Belle Avery is Executive Producer.

"The pedigree of this project isunmistakable," says Jane Barclay of Capitol Films.

"We are delighted to be financing thisproject."

"Working with artists of this calibre is rare," saysCerenzie.

"Combine that with the extraordinary strength of thecharacters and great storytelling."

Capitol Films is financing and handling sales. ICMrepresents Sidney Lumet and will be handing North America with Capitol.