Germany's Helkon Media has acquired ashare in US film financing company Newmarket Capital Group, which has beeninvolved in the financing of more than 60 projects including Cruel Intentions, American Pie and Mike Leigh's TopsyTurvy.

The deal secures Helkon an importantstrategic positioning in the international media arena. Helkon is establishinga German holding company, Helkon International Holding, in which it will poolall of its international business activities since further investments areplanned for the future.

In a statement, Helkon said:"this strategic share in Newmarket enables us, as a co-producer, to take aserious part in the licensing of motion pictures of international importance.At the same time, the deal allows Helkon Media to exert influence over theexploitation of rights within its market areas. This exclusive output dealgives us the opportunity to participate as a co-producer in projects and indecisions both of an artistic and commercial nature regarding production".

Strategic investments in US-based filmfinancing companies was one of several activities Helkon said it would becomeinvolved in following its flotation on the Neuer Markt last August.