While other Neuer Markt-listed German media companies have been issuing profit warnings in the past few weeks, Helkon Media is still on course to post the $138m (DM318m) sales and $19.5m (DM45m) EBIT which were forecast for the financial year 2000/2001 last September.

Announcing results for the nine months from August 1, 2000-April 30, 2001, Helkon reported that sales were up 113% to $83.1m (DM192m) and the EBIT up 58% to $7.3m (DM17m). For the same period the previous year, the company reported sales of $39m (DM90m) and $4.6m (DM10.7m) EBIT.

While earnings in the third quarter had been depressed by write-offs of $5.6m (DM13m) for the poorly performing Rules Of Engagement, the present fourth quarter will make a significant contribution, thanks to the US success of Memento and the international proceeds from The Mexican, as well as the German theatrical releases of Dungeons And Dragons and The Wedding Planner.