Helkon Media has now offloaded its interests in the TV productionsubsidiary Sonne, Mond + Sterne Film- und Fernsehproduktions and distributorSolo Film Verleih.

The 75.6% stake in Sonne, Mond + Sterne has been acquired by itsmanaging director Erwin Kraus, while Solo Film's managing director PeterHeinzemann has taken over all of the shares in the company which he set up withHelkon in May of this year.

Helkon said that its theatrical distribution arrangement with Solo Filmwould not be affected by the disposal.

"Neither subsidiary is not operationally necessary for the ongoing planfor Helkon Media," said Helkon in a stockmarket statement.

This latest development followed the announcement that the 100%distribution subsidiary Helkon National Distribution had filed for insolvencyat the Munich regional court.

A press statement said that the filing was "a direct consequence" ofHelkon Media's move into provisional insolvency on August 2, but would "nothave any further consequences for the continuation of business operations byHelkon Media AG'