Henry Winterstern will play a more hands-on role in the future of First Look Studios than originally thought, following an announcement that he and Avi Lerner will act as co-chairmen of First Look Holdings (formerly Nu Image FLS Investments).

Lerner and Winterstern will jointly focus on feature acquisitions and theatrical releases, with Winterstern seeking out financing and mergers and acquisitions opportunities.

Danny Dimbort, one of the three Nu Image principals along with Lerner and Trevor Short, will handle international sales of the First Look library. Short, who is primarily responsible for legal, financing and administrative operations at Nu Image, will have similar responsibilities at First Look.

Winterstern's partnership with Nu Image began in early March when it was announced that First Look Holdings would acquire a controlling interest in First Look Studios. First Look Holdings is jointly owned by the Nu Image Group and Winterstern. Dimbort and Short are the other directors of First Look Holdings.

'This is a great partnership,' Lerner said. 'We each bring to the table different expertise, internationally and domestically, operationally and financially. First Look provides a logical platform for Nu Image and Millennium Films productions. We are fortunate to have Henry as a partner. He was the architect of this deal. We will
rely heavily on his knowledge of the domestic market and financing.'

'I am thrilled with the direction our studio is headed,' Winterstern said. 'This is a golden opportunity. Avi, Danny and Trevor are talented, astute businessmen and prolific producers. They have had phenomenal success in the international market, and with this partnership, we will repeat that success domestically.'

This weekend First Look will release Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters. First Look's slate includes the Michael Douglas comedy King Of California and The Contract, a 2006 thriller produced by Millennium and starring Morgan Freeman and John Cusack.

First Look has also picked up North American rights to the UK-New Zealand horror title The Ferryman starring John Rhys Davies, Kerry Fox, and Tamer Hassan.

Chris Graham directed New Zealand-Australia co-production about tourists on a yachting trip who unearth an ancient evil force.

The film will receive its world premiere at the Brussels International Festival Of Fantastic Film on Apr 11 and the North American premiere has been set for May at the Seattle International Film Festival.