Paul Colichman and Stephen P Jarchow's US distribution outfit here! Films has acquired domesticrights to Wilhelm Liebenberg and Federico Sanchez's thriller Eternal from Horizon Entertainment.

here! Films will release Eternal in early 2005; Horizon willhandle worldwide sales and premiere the feature at AFM in November.

Eternal wasproduced by Liebenberg and Sanchez, who co-wrote the screenplay, andMontreal-based WildKoast Entertainment.

The story is an updated version of the 16th century tale of aTransylvanian countess who reportedly seduced and murdered 650 women in orderto bathe in their blood for eternal life. Conrad Pla, Caroline Neron, andVictoria Sanchez star.

"The filmmakers have managed to bring the extraordinary tale ofthe chillingly sinister Erszebet Bathory to life evoking the classic horrorelements of The Hungercrossed with the sexually charged thriller Basic Instinct," here! Mark Reinhart said in a statement.

"here! Films an exciting youngcompany with great marketing vision and a solid background of experience comingfrom Regent Entertainment," Straight added.

here! Filmsrecently acquired the worldwide rights to comedy Straight-Jacket from SRO Pictures and the North Americandistribution rights to the Thai sex-change boxing drama Beautiful Boxer.