Shooting is underway in London on romantic comedy Heroesand Villains, the directorial debut of Selwyn Roberts, the producer ofBAFTA-winning TV drama Shackleton..

Produced by Mark Pegg through One Vision Films, Heroesand Villains is the story of a group of young London lads who come up withthe idea of setting up a company to "test your partners' fidelity."

The film is scripted by and stars newcomer David Raymond.Also in the cast are James Corden (The History Boys, All Or Nothing),Brendan Patricks (recently seen in the West End revival of Journey's End),Jenna Harrrison, Chris Larkin, Jenny Agutter, Roy Marsden, Richard Sumitri andOlivia Poulet.

The HD-shot production began shooting in mid-September and will wrap on the20th October. Delivery is expected in mid-March. Details of a sales agent andUK distributor will be announced shortly.

Further down the line, Pegg will produce Tovarisch, the new featurebeing developed by writer-director Stuart Urban (Preaching To The Perverted,Revelation) through his company Cyclops Vision. This is based on the truestory of a young doctor who escaped the Nazis and the KGB, surviving both theHolocaust and the Gulag.