The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the producer of the Golden Globes awards show Dick Clark Productions (DCP) are at war over an alleged breach of contract.

In papers filed yesterday [17] with the US District Court for the Central District Of California, the HFPA claimed that without its knowledge DCP signed a licence agreement on October 29 with NBC for the Globes that runs from 2012-18.

“DCP acts as though it has unilateral right to license the broadcast rights for the Golden Globe Awards on whatever terms it pleases, without HFPA’s knowledge or authorization,” the filing read. The suit targets DCP and parent company Red Zone Capital.

In a statement issued last night [17] DCP said: “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, knowing it has no case in a court of law, is attempting to try this case in the court of public opinion.

“We are confident the case has no merit in either venue. Our respective rights under the contract are clear. The HFPA cannot unilaterally change the basis on which DCP and the HFPA have done business for almost three decades.”

The HFPA is in the last year of its ten-year deal with NBC.