Buoyed by five Academy Award nominations, 20th Century Fox'sWalk The Line begins itsinternational run this weekend.

The acclaimed Johnny Cash biopic launches in 23 territoriesincluding Germanyon February 2, followed a day later in the UK,Mexico and Spain.

Fox International chiefs will be relying on the picture'sstrong reputation to ensure solid debuts in all its markets, and hope to emulatethe $107m-plus North American gross to date.

The comedy sequel BigMomma's House 2 goes out in Argentinaon February 2 and Braziland South Africaon February 3 and has grossed $8.1m from the early stages of its run.

Latest figures released by executives put Cheaper By TheDozen 2 on $38.2m, The Family Stoneon $28.8m, and In Her Shoes on$49.3m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) opens Memoirs of A Geisha,which garnered six Oscar nominations this week, in South Korea and Thailandon February 2 and Mexicoand Brazil onFebruary 3. The picture has grossed $11.5m through SPRI and $48.6m through all distributors.The Fog opens in Australiaon February 2 and Mexicoon February 3 and stands at $5.3m through all distributors.

Fun WithDick And Jane has amassed more than $41.7m so far, and Underworld: Evolution stands at morethan $2.8m through SPRI and $8.5m through all distributors.

DreamWorks International's Munich hasamassed more than $22.3m through UIP following last weekend's launch, andshould build well this weekend on the back of five Oscar nominations includingbest picture and best director.

Universal's Nanny McPhee is enjoying a strong run and has amassed more than$36.2m through UIP to date. The children's picture launches in Germanyon February 2 on 375 prints, followed by South Korea and Austriaon February 3 on 90 and 85 respectively.

Focus Feature's Pride& Prejudice will be seeking to capitalise on its four Oscar nominationsthis week with the February 3 launch in Italyon 203 prints. It has grossed $52.5m through UIP, and $55m including Francethrough Mars.

Rumour Has Itopens in Argentinaon February 2 and has grossed $21.6m through Warner Bros Pictures Internationalso far.

Releasing information from Buena Vista International wasunavailable at time of writing.