Mel Gibson andBruce Davey's Icon Entertainment is reorganizing its UK operation, namingNick Hill, former CEO of Icon Film Distribution Ltd (IFDL), as CEO of the UKIcon Group which includes both IFDL and the company's international salesand distribution arm Icon Entertainment International.

UK distributionveteran Hill joined Icon in 1999 from his position as managing director of PatheDistribution; he previously ran Pathe's video arm when it was Guild Home Video.

Meanwhile AndyMayson joins the UK Icon Group as chief operating officer. Mayson was mostrecently managing director of Artists Independent Network (AIN), where heplayed a large part in the merger with New York talent agency Widescreen. Priorto that he was at Intermedia for five years where as chief operating officer hewas instrumental in negotiating $300m of film financing facilities andacquiring the MEI and Largo Film Libraries. Prior to Intermedia, Mayson workedat Polygram Filmed Entertainment and Working Title Films.

The newstructure at Icon also sees Elizabeth Draper promoted to general manager ofIFDL and Annabelle Howard move up to head of marketing. In addition AlexandraKeen has joined the group as legal and business affairs manager and will reportto head of legal and business, Christos Michaels. Simon Crowe, head ofinternational sales, and Caroline Johnson, head of international marketing atIEI, complete the management team at Icon UK.

Upcomingproductions from Icon include Keith Gordon's The Singing Detective, which stars Robert Downey Jr, RobinWright Penn, Jeremy Northam, Katie Holmes and Mel Gibson and will receive itsworld premiere at Sundance on Jan 17. UK production Gladiatress, the comedy-adventure directed by BrianGrant and starring Fiona Allen, Doon Mackichan and Sally Phillips, hascompleted principal photography. The comedy-drama Blackball, directed by Mel Smith and starring PaulKaye, James Cromwell, Johnny Vegas, Alice Evans and Vince Vaughn, is inpost-production. The Passion, directed by Mel Gibson and starring Jim Caveziel, is currentlyshooting.

AmongIFDL's many pickups since Hill started the company are Open Hearts, WilburWants To Kill Himself, Swimfan, Ghost World, Rules Of Attraction, Y Tu MamaTambien and TheLittle Vampire.