Hitch remained the top international picture for the thirdweekend in a row and should pass $100m on Monday after adding an estimated $23mon 5,160 prints in 48 markets for a $98m running total through Sony PicturesReleasing International (SPRI).

Highlights were a number one $4.4m debut in France on 569 prints despite theexcellent European weather and strong number one holds in the UK, Germany andAustralia.

Ticket sales are expected to continue strongly this week going into Easter andbearing in mind that French exhibitors are selling discounted tickets fromSunday to Tuesday as part of the Printemps du Cinema promotion.

The romantic comedy added $4.3m in the UK on 709 screens for $15.5m after twowide weekends, $3.8m on 912 prints in Germany for $22.4m after three, and $1.4min Australia for $7.5m after the same amount of time.

Italy added $1.5m for $4.9m after two weekends, while Spain raised its total by$870,000 to $5.6m after three, and Malaysia produced a number one opening on$270,000 on 30 screens. Hitchwill open in Japan in early June.

Fox International's animated picture Robots launched in 25 markets and grossed an estimated$16.8m from 31 markets overall for a $21.2m international running total.

Robots opened for an unconfirmedranking in the hotly contested UK on $4.9m on 466 screens. SPRI executives arealso claiming top spot for Hitch,as are their counterparts at Warner Bros for Constantine.

Robots opened top in Spain on$1.9m on 425 and top in Russia on $1.1m on 275, while a $2.4m German debut on868 produced an unconfirmed ranking.

Mexico added $1.6m on 659 in its second weekend for second place and a $4.9mrunning total. Sweden opened on $399,400 on 113 and Singapore added $178,000 on35 for $491,000 after two weekends.

DreamWorks International's horror sequel The Ring Two opened day-and-date with North America in 14 marketsthrough UIP, grossing an estimated $5.1m in 810 international cinemas.

The picture opened top in Mexico on $2.3m in 324 cinemas, compared to theoriginal's $1.3m debut in December 2002.

The Netherlands is expected to produce $380,000 in 85 cinemas in second place,with Sweden expected to finish second on an unconfirmed ranking. In two othernumber one debuts, The Ring Twogrossed $300,000 in Norway on 43, and $215,000 in 43 in New Zealand. The horrortitle is due to open in six markets next weekend including Brazil.

DreamWorks International's comedy sequel Meet The Fockers added $4.6m from 56 markets for a $220.6minternational running total.

Warner Bros' supernatural thriller Constantine grossed $9.3m in 44 markets, raising theinternational cumulative total to $98.7m. Highlights were a $4m opening inthe UK in 353 theatres, which the distributor claims was number one, despite conflictingevidence from SPRI and Fox International.

Constantine opened top inArgentina on an excellent $392,600 on 71 screens, which accounted forapproximately 40% market share.

Brazil added just over $1.1m in its second weekend on 285 screens for $3.1m. Russia is set to open on Apr 1 with Japan following on Apr16.

Latest figures put The Aviator on $17.7m through Warner Bros markets, Ocean's Twelve on $236.3m, The Polar Express on $119.5m, and A Very Long Engagement on $59m.

Buena Vista International's adventure National Treasure opened top in Japan on $2.7m and opened in China on $1.2m for an unconfirmed ranking. Overall the picture added $4.1m for a $154.8m international cumulative total.

Pooh's Heffalump Movie added $1.7m for $10.9m. The family title took $300,000 on 420 UK screens, $292,000 on 104 in Russia, $210,000 on 170 in Italy, and $167,000 on 149 in Spain. THe Life Aquatic added $1m overall for $5.5m.

Universal's Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason opened through UIP in second place in its finalmarket of Japan on $1.7m in 300 theatres. Monday is a national holiday in themarket and executives expect strong business.

The romantic comedy sequel has amassed $192.6m through UIP markets and $208.2mthrough all distributors, and should pass Bridget Jones' $211m final international total this week.

Horror tale Boogeyman opened insixth place in Germany on $475,000 in 247 theatres, while Austria produced $43,000in 16. The picture stands at $3.6m after three weekends in the UK and hasgrossed $4.1m from the three markets to date.

Ray added $1.6m from 43 marketsfor a $39.5m international cumulative total.