Hitch gets a major push through Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI) this weekend, with a raft of major debuts that includesAustralia, Germany and Russia on Mar 3, and the UK and Spain on Mar 4.

The romantic comedy hasgrossed $6.1m and should receive a timely boost this weekend. Will Smith hasinternational appeal and the picture should open well in the major markets.

The comedy Spanglish was due to open in France on Mar 2 and Brazil on Mar4; its gross currently stands on $6.3m, while Anacondas, which so far has grossed $35.9m, opens in Japan onMar 5.

The comedy Are We ThereYet' opens in Italy and Mexico onMar 4 and has taken $5.1m. All SPRI cumulative totals are accurate as of Feb27.

Fox International'sadventure remake Flight Of The Phoenix opens in the UK and Brazil on Mar 4 on 290 and 100 prints respectively.It has taken $5.2m to date.

The thriller Hide AndSeek will be aiming to maintainmomentum following a raft of major number one debuts last weekend with anopening in Spain on Mar 4 on 325 prints. The picture has amassed $24m throughall its markets so far.

Sideways opens in Russia on Mar 3 on 40 and in Japan two dayslater on 37; it has a $21.1m international running total, while Kinsey goes out in the UK on Mar 4 on 83 and is in the earlystages of international release, mostly through independents sold the film byMyriad Pictures.

Universal holds rights to Boogeyman in a handful of markets and opens its first marketof the UK through UIP on Mar 4 on 325 prints.

Boogeyman should open strongly in the UK bearing in mind theinternational taste for horror and the fact that Ghost House Pictures' previousrelease, The Grudge, opened topthere in November 2004 on $4.2m in 362 sites.

The thriller White Noise goes out in Mexico on Mar 4 on 250, having grossed$17m through UIP markets to date.

Warner Bros' supernaturalthriller Constantine will lookfor continued strong holds in the absence of any major releases this weekend.It is building steadily in its first month on release and has already reached$58.4m.

Alexander has amassed $33.3m through all Warner Bros marketsso far and there is none left to open. Similarly, The Aviator has opened in all its Warner Bros markets and standsat $13.7m.

A Very Long Engagement stands at $54.8m, while Ocean's Twelve and The Polar Express have been released in all their markets and stand at$231.8m and $118.9m respectively.

Buena Vista International's(BVI) The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou opens in Italy and Mexico on Mar 4; it currently stands on $1.1m from itsUK run.

The Incredibles has grossed $367.4m, and National Treasure stands at $145.3m with debuts to come in Japan andChina.

Racing Stripes has grossed $19m through Summit Entertainmentterritories to date, while Around The World in 80 Days stands at $47.8m and Alexander has taken $131m.