Hitchremained the top international picture over the weekend as the romantic comedyadded an estimated $30.1m on 4,640 screens in 42 markets for a $65.5minternational running total.

Key drivers were a powerful $8m number one debut in the UK on 709screens including previews that raised the total after last weekend's exclusivedebut to $8.2m, and a great $2.6m number one debut in Italy on 300.

South Korea opened in third place on $1.4m on 175, and Belgium andHolland both opened top on $740,000 on 58 and $700,000 on 94 respectively.

A strong second weekend $6.5m hold in Germany on 912 prints wasthe highlight in a raft of impressive holds and saw the picture fall a mere 26%to raise its running total in the market to $17.4m.

Hitch isperforming extremely well in German-speaking markets and remained top in bothSwitzerland and Austria, adding $1.1m on 101 for $2.6m after a 10% drop and$900,000 on 104 for $2.3m after a 20% drop respectively.

Australia fell off 34% to stay top on $1.8m on 369 for $5.5m,while Spain added $1.6m for $4.8m and an unconfirmed ranking.

Mexico has grossed approximately $5.2m and ranks fourth after fourweekends and Brazil stands at $3m and ranks second after the same amount oftime. Hitch isscheduled to open in France on Mar 16 and Japan in early June.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Constantine grossed an estimated $8.8m from 38territories, bringing the cumulative total to date to an estimated $85.9m.

Brazil opened on a very strong $1.5m from 255 prints and wasexpected to rank number one in the market in what the distributor is declaringthe biggest opening at the Brazilian box office this year.

Turkey opened top on a superb $830,000 on 115 prints. Inholdovers, Mexico added $940,000 on 450 for $6.2m in its third weekend and wasexpected to finish in second place.

After four weekends, France stands at $9.1m, Germany is on $8.9m,Spain is on $6.7m, and Italy stands at $6.1m, while Australia has amassed $4.8mafter three weekends. Constantine opens in the UK this week.

Meanwhile DreamWorks International's Meet The Fockers took $8.2m from 55 territories (3,771sites) through UIP to bring its current total to $213.8m. The comedyblockbuster had only one opening, its last, in South Africa where it openedtop on $380,000 from 76 sites. The opening compares favourably with other UIPcomedies: it was 123% bigger than Love Actually and 14% bigger than Bridget Jones: TheEdge Of Reason.

Totals on the comedy include $52.8m in the UK, $19m in Germany,$18.6m in Italy and $12.4m in France.

DreamWorks International's animated feature Shark Tale added $1.8m in its second weekend in Japan through Asmik-Ace, raising the total there to $5.2m after dropping off a mere 14%. The international running total through all distributors stands at more than $182m.

Universal's Ray saw overall box office rise 10% on the back of the Oscar win forJamie Foxx and added $2.8m through UIP on 1,200 in 38 territories for a $36.5minternational running total.

France has grossed $5.7m after two weekends and Germany reached$5.5m after 10. The picture's worldwide total stands at $111m.

Horror title Boogeyman, which UIP only has in the UK, Germany and Austria, fell two tofifth in its second UK weekend for $2.9m. It opens in the other two territoriesthis week.

Thriller White Noise stayed in third place in its third weekend in Mexico, adding$615,000 on 239 after a 30% fall for a $2m running total. The picture hasgrossed $6.5m from nine UIP releases and has 11 markets to open.

Buena Vista International's family title The Pacifier got its first international release in Taiwan over the weekend, opening there on $332,000 on 18 screens. Latest figures put The Incredibles on $367.8m and National Treasure on $148.4m.