Buena Vista International's (BVI) biker romp Wild Hogs held on to the international box office by the skin of its teeth as it added an estimated $7.2m from 3,200 screens in 37 markets to raise the tally to $55m.

Nearly one-quarter of this amount has come from Australia, where after two months the comedy stands at $13.1m following a $250,000 weekend haul.

The film ranked number one throughout German-speaking Europe, and grossed $1.4m from 580 screens in Germany for a $5.1m running total. Austria generated $275,000 from 80 for $900,000, and German-speaking Switzerland produced $270,000 for $775,000.

Wild Hogs fell to second place in its third weekend in the UK as $1.1m from 400 boosted the total to $8.1m. The film added $640,000 from 290 in Italy to rank second on $2.7m, $480,000 from 300 in Spain for $2.9m after three weekends, and $420,000 for $5.8m in Mexico after four.

Meet The Robinsons grossed $2.3m from 3,000 screens in 42 countries to elevate the running total to $45.4m. The animated family release has opened in roughly half its markets and there are still Italy, France and Japan to go.

Brazil stands at $2m after four weekends, Australia and Mexico stand at $6.7m and $7.2m after five respectively, and the UK has produced $8.1m.

Universal/UPI's comedy smash Mr Bean's Holiday grossed $7.1m from 3,950 sites in 50 territories and crossed the $150m mark this weekend.

The international total stands at $156.1m after five weekends. The sequel added $830,000 from 390 UK sites for an excellent $40.2m (20.4m), which in UK currency terms means it has overtaken the final grosses of Bean (£18m) and Johnny English (£19.7m).

Mr Bean's Holiday added $450,000 from 663 venues in Germany for $20.1m. It stands at $13.5m in Australia, and there are seven territories to open including Japan and South Korea.

Curse Of The Golden Flower, which Universal/UPI acquired for the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, added $520,000 from three territories from 224 sites for $2.4m. It opened in Australia on $340,000 from 66 sites, and ranks 18th in the UK on $2m after three weekends. Zhang Yimou's Chinese potboiler opens in South Africa on Aug 3.

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg's comedy Hot Fuzz grossed an estimated $400,000 from 239 venues in nine territories and stands at $49m. CIA drama The Good Shepherd stands at $18.2m following a $600,000 weekend haul from 418 sites in seven Universal territories.

Paramount/PPI's Mark Wahlberg thriller Shooter took another $6.m from 2,185 screens in 56 territories for a $28.4m cumulative tally, fuelled by a $947,000 South Korean launch in 146 sites. The film held on to the number one berth in Australia on $793,000 from 174 screens and has amassed $2.8m.

The thriller Disturbia, which remained the top film in North American for the third consecutive weekend, grossed $2m from 830 screens in eight territories and has taken $6.3m to date. Family title Norbit added $763,000 from 724 sites in 56 for $61m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) 300 grossed $3.9m over the weekend from 3,600 prints in 56 markets, for a $224m running total.

The action romp ranked number one in Brazil for the fifth consecutive weekend on $639,000 from 424 prints for $10.2m. 300 ranked third in Australia on $10.9m after three weekends, and stands at $27.4m after six weekends in the UK, and $19.4m in Spain after six.

Elsewhere it has amassed $18.5m in South Korea after seven weekends, $13.8m in France after six, $13m in Germany after four, and $10m in Russia after six.

Supernatural horror film The Reaping added $4.1m from 2,500 prints in 47 markets for $26.9m. It opened well in Turkey on $203,000 from 71 and was expected to rank number one. Mexico has generated $5.1m after four, while Spain and Italy stand at $4.4m and $1.4m respectively after the same amount of time.

Music And Lyrics added $1.9m from 1,700 prints in 46 markets for $88.3m. The romantic comedy took in $862,000 from 310 prints in its second weekend in Spain and stands at $2.3m.

Mio Fratello E Figlio Unico added $1.4m from 550 prints in its second weekend in Italy for $4.9m. The film was produced by Cattleya and distributed by Warner Bros Italy.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Perfect Stranger grossed $5.2m from 2,955 screens in 53 markets for $28.6m, rising to $29.5m including Revolution markets.

The musical romance Stomp The Yard added $350,000 from 220 screens in five markets to raise the international running total to $6.1m. The film opened in Mexico on $30,000 from 45 screens.

The new sci-fi thriller Next, sold around the world by Initial Entertainment Group, grossed more than $4.7m. It opened top in the UK through Entertainment on $1.6m, top in France on approximately $1.4m, and launched in Russia and the Ukraine on $1.5m.

Fox International's sci-fi adventure Sunshine took $2.5m from 2,500 screens from 47 markets for $21m.

Rocky Balboa added $770,000 from 290 in its second weekend in Japan for $3.3m there. The overall tally is $81m, $78.1m of which comes from Fox International.

Night At The Museum has crossed $320m and stands at $320.2. After seven weekends in Japan it has grossed $29.1m.

Epic Movie grossed $2.2m from 750 screens in 15 market and stands at $39.2m. The result was fired up by a $1.6m number one Italian debut on 250 screens.