The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has signed on tothe cutting-edge US networking consortium internet2 as it explores futuremodels for the online delivery of Hollywood content.

MPAA chiefs believe the super-fast and secure communications platform- developed by the research and higher education community - could give them avital edge in the ongoing fight against piracy.

Along with leaders of the Recording Industry Association ofAmerica they plan to collaborate with working groups within the Internet2community on innovative content distribution and digital rights managementtechnologies.

"The MPAA and its member companies have a wide-range of expertisein [delivery models and content protection], and I believe we can add apositive, constructive perspective to the excellent work of Internet2," MPAApresident Dan Glickman said.

"Internet2 provides the MPAA and the RIAA with unique access tothe research and education community, which shares its interest in developingsecure leading-edge content distribution technologies," Internet2 president andchief executive officer Douglas Van Houweling added.

"Together with the RIAA and MPAA, the Internet2 community isleading the way in helping to shape new business models for the future of themusic and movie industries as consumers and businesses alike continue torapidly adopt internet technologies to receive these products and services."

The Internet2consortium is led by more than 200 US universities working together withindustry and government agencies.