Norwegian director Marius Holst is developing an adaptation of an Ingvar Ambjornsen short story - Oyenstikkere - as a follow-up to his successful debut feature Cross My Heart And Hope To Die.

Nikolaj Frobenius, whose credits include Norwegian thriller Insomnia, has written the script and Scandinavian actors Marie Bonnevie, Mikael Persbrandt and Kim Bodnia have been lined up to star. Holst's own company, 4', will produce the $960,000 (NKr8.3m) film with Norway's Motlys and Swedish production outfit Final Cut.

Holst plans to shoot Oyenstikkere in the countryside outside Stockholm in Sweden, with scriptwriter Frobenius following the shoot and adding details to the script as the drama develops. The project is inspired by the Dogme 95 manifesto, but is not a pure Dogme production. Sigve Endresen and Turid Oversveen will produce.