Based on a selection of short stories from Norwegian author Levi Henriksen’s collection Only Soft PresentsUnder The Tree. Intersecting each other now and then, these stories all take place in Henriksen’s fictitious small town of Skogli, over a couple of hours on Christmas Eve.

Prod company Bul Bul Film (Nor)

Co-producer: Pandora Film

Backers: Nordic Film & Television Fund, Norwegian Film Institute, Filmstiftung NRW,

Intl sales: The Match Factory

Producer: Bent Hamer

Co-producer: Christoph Friedel

Director: Bent Hamer

Screenplay:Bent Hamer, based on Levi Henriksen’s novel

DoP: Christian Rosenlund

Locations:Sweden, Norway and Germany

Contact:The Match Factory, (49)-221-539 709 0