UK animator Robert Bradbrook was named the winner of the 12th Cartoon d'Or for his 12-minute mix of 3-D computer animation and live action Home Road Movies.

The prize, which provides the winning film-maker with Euros25,000 pre-production aid to begin work on a more ambitious project, was awarded to Bradbrook at the closing ceremony of the 13th Cartoon Forum market in North Wales this weekend.

Bradbrook's film, based on the true story of his father's desire for the family car to make him a better parent, features Bill Paterson as the father. It had previously received the Jury Special Prize from the Annecy Festival and the second Audience Award at Bristol's Animated Encounters.

Produced by London-based Finetake Productions, Home Road Movies was incompetition against Italian animators Roberto Catani (The Tight-Rope Walker/La Funambula) Daniele Lunghini & Diego Zuelli (Shame photos/Le Foto Della Scandalo), Norway's Anita Killi (The Hedge Of Thorns/Tornhekken) and UK film-maker Phil Mulloy (The Invasion).