KevinAsher Green's sensual drama Homework has won the 2004 Slamdance GrandJury Sparky Award for best narrative feature, while Brett Ingram's profile oflegendary animator and Frank Zappa collaborator Bruce Bickford in MonsterRoad won the equivalent documentary prize.

Inother awards at the weekend ceremony, the Grand Jury Sparky Award for bestnarrative short went to Jeremy Saulnier's rites of passage exercise Crabwalkand Elena Elmoznino's Freestyle, a look at the nascent sport of dogdancing, took documentary honours.

TheGrand Jury Honour forBest Ensemble Cast went to the cast of Goldfish Games, Jan Lauwers'account of a troublesome family reunion at a castle in the French Ardennes.Hurt McDermott won the Jury Honour for Excellence in Writing for his thriller NightingaleIn A Music Box.

TheAudience Sparky Award for best film went to Big City Dick, which focuseson a savant street musician's struggle to make it as a recording artist. ScottMilam, Ken Harder and Todd Pottinger directed.

Bestshort honours went to Matthew Mebane's fishing drama Tackle Box and theSpirit of Slamdance Sparky Award went to David Zellner's personal tragedy TheVirile Man.

ElzaKephart's feminist zombie B-movie Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse In Lovewon the Kodak Vision Award for Best Cinematography and Slowtron's WesternState #3 took the Sparky Award for Global Anarchy prize for its profile ofCanadian artist Geoff Mcfetridge.

Aspreviously announced, first prize in the Sparky Award for Best Screenplay wentto Miranda Kwok for Song Of Silence, followed by Tanya Steele for TheParachute Factory and Gary L Miner for Wizard of Genoa.

"Overthe years the Park City Slamdance screenings have become a place for The industry todiscover new talent," Slamdance director Peter Baxter said in a statement.

"SaltLake City has become increasingly important from a public perspective. This year we expandedinto the Madstone Theatres to double our Salt Lake offerings."

Thisyear was the first time the Slamdance jury was separated into documentary andnarrative sections.