Films from Tsui Hark and Johnnie To headline the exciting new projects in the pipeline in Hong Kong. Profiles by Liz Shackleton

A Chinese Ghost Story

Dir Wilson Yip

Crystal Liu stars in this $20m rendering of the famous myth about a female spirit who falls in love with a human. Backed by Golden Sun Film Co, the film is directed by Wilson Yip whose credits include Ip Man and Ip Man 2. China Film Group will release it this summer.

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Chinese Odyssey (working title)

Dir Derek Kwok

Stephen Chow has signed rising talent Derek Kwok to direct a follow-up to the two 1990s cult-classic Chinese Odyssey films in which Chow starred. The cast was still being locked down at the time of writing, and it was not confirmed if Chow would star as well as produce. Production is expected to begin in June.

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The Flying Guillotines

Dir Teddy Chen

Following their collaboration on Bodyguards And Assassins, Teddy Chen will direct and Peter Ho-sun Chan produce this $15m action project about an elite crime-fighting unit in the emperor’s court, trained to use flying blades to decapitate people. The cast is headed by Taiwanese heartthrob Ethan Juan and mainland star Huang Xiaoming, while Yuen Bun is on board as action choreographer.

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The Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate

Dir Tsui Hark

Tsui Hark has remade his 1992 martial-arts classic, Dragon Inn, in a 3D version with backing from Bona Film Group, China Film and other mainland investors. Jet Li and Zhou Xun star in the $35m film which is in post-production.

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Life Without Principle

Dir Johnnie To

Johnnie To is directing this thriller about three people who find their destinies entwined when a loan shark is assaulted after withdrawing $10m from a bank. The film has been in production for some time, but To’s long-gestating projects are often his best. Lau Ching Wan, Richie Jen and Denise Ho head the cast.

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The Monkey King

Dir Soi Cheang

Hong Kong’s Filmko and Mandarin Films are joining forces to finance this $30m 3D fantasy based on Chinese classic Journey To The West. Hollywood creative talent has been brought on board including VFX supervisor David Ebner (Alice In Wonderland). The cast includes Donnie Yen, Chow Yun-fat and Aaron Kwok.

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Dir Soi Cheang

Soi Cheang, whose Accident screened in competition at Venice in 2009, is also directing this high-speed action thriller, revolving around a showdown between a dangerous getaway driver and a rookie cop. Johnnie To is producing, as he did on Accident, and the cast is headed by Anthony Wong, Shawn Yue and Guo Xiaodong.

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My Kingdom

Dir Gao Xiaosong

Chinese director Gao Xiaosong and Hong Kong action director Sammo Hung are collaborating on this martial-arts epic set in 1920s Shanghai. The project is aiming at the youth market with a cast including Wu Chun, Barbie Hsu and Korean pop star Han Geng. Celestial Pictures and Andre Morgan’s DW Films are co-producing with China’s Skyland Films.

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The Sorcerer And The White Snake

Dir Tony Ching Siu-tung

Jet Li and Eva Huang star in this $25m fantasy epic directed by Hong Kong film-maker and action choreographer Tony Ching Siu-tung. Huang stars as the white snake of the title, who transforms into a beautiful woman to rescue a man with who she falls in love. The film is in post-production for a summer release.

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Wu Xia

Dir Peter Ho-sun Chan

Peter Ho-sun Chan’s first martial-arts film as director also marks the first on-screen pairing of action hero Donnie Yen and heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro. Chan’s We Pictures is producing with Stellar Group and other mainland investors. The $20m production is being lined up for a summer release.

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