Thomas Hopkins andproducing partner Tony Dunoyer haveformed New York and LosAngeles-based production anddevelopment company GriotPictures Entertainment (GPE) andhave announced their first two projects.

Period drama Chevalier takesplace in pre-RevolutionaryFrance and charts the real-lifeexploits of fencing and musical maestro Chevalier de Saint George, who becamea hero during the Revolution. Paris Qualles Winnerwrote the screenplay.

Hopkins is writing thescreenplay for Minion, basedon the first two novels from L ABanks' vampire-Hhuntressseries, Minion and The Awakening. Theplot centerres on anaspiring diva whohappens to have a highercalling as a killer.

GPE, which plansto co-produce and co-finance high-qualitystudio and independent film and television projects, with commercialappeal, isalso developing The Peculiar Parrot.

ThePeculiar Parrot is a docu-drama styled as part-WhoopiGoldberg-style one-woman show and part-Fahrenheit 9/11.

"We believe Chevalier and Minion will strongly advancetwo classic genres still very popular with global audiences - the period-adventuredrama and the vampire/demon-slayerhorror film," Hopkins said.

GPE co-produced theromance Premium with Double 7 Filmand Palm-Star. The film picture premiered last March at the MiamiInternational Film Festival. and stars Zoe Saldana,Dorian Missick,Hill Harper, and Eva Pigford.

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York Entertainment ToOpen $50 Million Production Slate

To OutsideInvestors

Sherman Oaks, CA - May 1Apr. '', 2006 - York Entertainment today announced that, for thefirst time in its 175-year history, the cCompany will begin accepting up to $50 million in external financingoutsideinvestors for an expandedtheircurrent slateof forthcoming feature film productions,including "BigBad Boogeyman" and"10,001 Scarecrows". Atotal of . The York 2006 -2007 slate contains 30 Action, Family, Horror,Western &Martial-Arts titles --, b all budgeted at between $250,000 and $5 million each --, willbe availableat and is available to investors in a $250,000 investment unitsminimum perinvestor.

After financingand producing30 movies herself, and financinganother 18, York founderPresident and CEO Tanya York has perfected the "better,faster, cheaper" business model for profitable film production, withguaranteed distribution.. "I'vebeen approached with many outsideinvestmentoffers inthe past, butuntil now I've turnedthem all down,"stated Ms. York"We have a terrific slate of amazing films underdevelopment that deserve to be made now, while the market is right, so I'mthrilled to allow outside investors the opportunity to participate" exclaimedMs. York. . "But demandfor ourhigh-concept, low-cost films has grownto such alevel thatbringing on outside investors will enableus toexpand our already ambitious production schedule asneeded".

"We've deliberately structured the investment to enable investors to fund a singlelow-budget straight-to-video film for just $250,000, as well as to allow filmfunds to finance a multi-million dollar diversified slate of low and mid-budgetfilms in various genres- all produced with the same proven York Entertainmentmodel."

Accordingly,the Company has appointed John Shaw to director of investor relations wherehe'll use his 15 years experience as an investor relations professional tomanage increasedlevels of production activity and outside investment interests. During his career, Mr.Shawhe has servedas an Investor Relations officer and consultant for numerous public companiesand venture capital firms.

consulted to numerous public and private companieson IR and venture capital, and has previously served asan IR officer for public companies and venture capital firms.

Commentingon York's decision to accept third-party film funding and his new role, Mr.Shaw said, "Based purely on investment merit and economics, the York model forfilm production and distribution offers the most favorable risk - reward ratioI've seen in the entertainment industry to date,. Ibelieve this to be a unique and compelling investment opportunity and lookforward to working with interested film investors."

AboutYork Entertainment

Initially established in1990, the York Entertainment video label was acquired by Loose Cannon Films in2004. A Los Angeles-based DVD distributor, Loose Cannon acquires anddistributes feature films for the domestic home entertainment marketplace. With 30-50 new films each year beingreleased, Loose Cannon's diverse library of Urban, Horror, Action, and Comedytitles numbers in the hundreds, and contains to expand.

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