Dennis Hopper will serve as chairman of the creative advisoryboard for the 2004 CineVegas Film Festival.

"We are so pleased to have Dennis serve as chairman for ournewly formed creative advisory board," CineVegas president Robin Greenspunsaid in a statement.

"He is passionately committed to independent cinema andcontinues to leverage his position in the entertainment community to help fellowactors and film-makers."

Hopper was honored last year with CineVegas' prestigiousMarquee Award for his lifetime achievements in film.

"I've attended festivals all over the world, but nothingcan compare to CineVegas," Hopper added. "I was so inspired by thefestival's commitment to film-makers and bringing undiscovered talent tothe entertainment capital of the world that I am thrilled to be involved."

The creative advisory board members include UTA's JeremyBarber, independent producer Bingham Ray, Sony Pictures Classics co-presidentTom Bernard, Paramount Classics president David Dinerstein, New York Times filmcritic Elvis Mitchell and Dada Films co-president Bob Myerson.

This year's event runs from Jun 11-19.