Vancouver-basedinternational sales company Horizon Entertainment is handling worldwide saleson Kadokawa Pictures' Japanese horror feature One Missed Call 2.

Horizon is bringing firstfootage of the film to next week's AFM in Santa Monica. The picture is currentlyin post-production and will open in Japan in early 2005.

One Missed Call 2 picks up from Takashi Miike's 2003 original about aseries of "death" calls to mobile phones. This time round a reporter'sinvestigation into the truth behind the calls takes a dramatic new turn.

Mimura, Yu Yoshizawa, AsakaSeto and Haruko Wanibuchi star and Renpei Tsukamato makes his directorial debuton a major studio feature.

"One Missed Call 2 will raise the bar once again for producers ofhorror cinema, and I am pleased to be offering it to our international buyerson Kadokawa's 60th Anniversary," Horizon president Rob Straight said in astatement.

Horizon handled the sales onOne Missed Call, which opened inJapan in January 2004 and grossed more than $15m to become the prolific Miike'sbiggest Japanese hit to date.

Theatrical rights on thatpicture sold to Media Blasters in the US, Nonstop Entertainment in Scandinavia,Mikado in Italy, Medusa/Contender in the UK, Metropolitan in France and EMS inGermany.

Horizon Entertainment ownsan extensive library of Japanese horror including The Ring, The Grudge and Dark Water.