Rob Straight's Canadianproduction and international sales company Horizon Entertainment has picked upinternational rights to Craig and Damon Foster's South African documentary CosmicAfrica.

The 72-minute Americanco-production with US-based Cosmos Studios will get its European premierescreening in Cannes as part of a retrospective celebrating the tenthanniversary of the end of Apartheid.

Cosmic Africa purports to shed new light on traditional Africanastronomy and features the celebrated South African astronomer Thebe Medupe.

The story is based on anoriginal concept by Anne Rogers, who served as South African executive producerwith Carina Rubin.

Ann Druyan, who wrote the1997 sci-fi drama Contact withher late husband Carl Sagan, will serve as US executive producer with herCosmos Studios co-founder Kent Gibson.

Horizon president RobStraight and Ronna Wallace of Eastgate Pictures negotiated the deal.

"This astonishing film hasreceived superb reviews from top US critics in its limited festival run to dateand we are confident that the international film community at Cannes will beequally as enthralled," Straight said in a statement.

The South African Fosterbrothers Craig and Damon also directed the award-winning documentary TheGreat Dance: A Hunter's Story.

Horizon Entertainment has 12pictures screening at the Cannes Market, nine of which are market premierescreenings including John Greyson's interracial gay love story Proteus and Gary Burns' comedy A Problem With Fear.