Rob Straight'sVancouver-based international sales outfit Horizon Entertainment has sold allUS and English speaking Canadian rights on Japanese horror master TakashiMiike's One Missed Call to MediaBlasters.

The New York-baseddistributor plans platform releases in New York and Los Angeles with a nationalroll-out to follow in major cities throughout North America.

Horizon Entertainmentpresident Straight negotiated the deal with Media Blasters' Takashi Sakuda.

Media Blasters releasedthree previous Miike titles in theatres in 2003 and 2004, namely Fudoh, IchiThe Killer and Visitor Q. It plans to distribute Miike's Deadly OutlawRekka later this year.

Horizon Entertainment, astrong supporter of Asian horror titles over the years, has also sold the last remainingterritories on the picture, which will open in theatres across Europe thissummer.

Scandinavian rights holderNonstop Entertainment will release One Missed Call in Sweden and Norway in July, while Mikado willrelease in Italy on Jul 7 and Maywin Media will open in Russian on Aug 26th.

Medusa/Contender willrelease later this year in the UK, as will; Metropolitan in France; ABL Augustain Spain; EMS in Germany and Pinema in Turkey.

One Missed Call is about a series of grisly predictions from thefuture that are relayed through mobile phones.