Horton Hears A Who is making hay while the sun shines. Two weeks before Iron Man launches across the globe the Fox International children's tale continued to dominate overseas as an estimated $9.7m from approximately 5,300 screens in 52 markets raised the tally to $117.7m.

The film is easily the biggest grossing Dr Seuss property ever to be released internationally and should have enough left in the tank to reach $130m and possibly beyond.

Weekend business was driven by an excellent third weekend hold in France that generated $3.3m from 690 screens and raised the tally to $12.1m. The film opened well in Italy in second place on $1.6m from 55. The UK and Australia have produced $16.3m and $9.4m, respectively, after five weekends.

The police drama Street Kings starring Keanu Reeves as a world-weary cop added $8.5m from roughly 2,429 screens in 37 markets for $10.3m. There were standout debuts in Australia on $1.4m from 222 for second place, the UK on $1.3m from 354 for fourth place, Germany on $1m from 309 for fourth, South Korea on $912,700 from 231 for third and Mexico on $709,143 from 319 for number one. The film also opened top in Taiwan on $317,955 from 82.

Horror tale Shutter raised its international running total by $1.9m from roughly 1,000 screens in 26 markets for $9.8m, while Tom Cruise helped Lions For Lambs excel in Japan with a number one launch on $1.6m from 33. The overall tally stands at $43.6m.

Jumper has amassed $131m, Hitman stands at $52.5m, 27 Dresses stands at $72.1m through all distributors, Meet The Spartans has reached $39.2m, Juno stands at $80.7m through all distributors and The Darjeeling Limited has generated $19.2m.

La Misma Luna continues its impressive run in Mexico and stands at $7.9m. In fact four titles distributed through Fox finished in the top five: Street Kings at number one, Shutter in second place, La Misma Luna in third and Jumper in fifth. Only the SPRI release Casi Divas spoiled the party for Fox.

Speaking of Sony Pictures Releasing International there was another strong weekend for the card counting drama 21 as it added $9.6m from 1,729 screens in 21 markets for an early $20.8 running total.

21 opened at number one in Russia on $1.7m from 277 screens and launched in second place in Italy on 1.3m from 251. There were second place launches in Brazil on $625,000 from 104 and Belgium on $300,000 from 41. The film opened top in Argentina on $155,000 from 37.

21 held high in the UK and Spain in the second weekend, slipping to second place on $2m from 355 for $7m and holding on to number one on $1.5m from 255 for $3.7m, respectively. It ranks second in Germany on $1.4m from 301 for $4m, first in Sweden on $800,000 and second in Greece on $750,000.

Vantage Point added $1.3m from 1,060 in 54 for $75.2m and ranks fourth in Australia on $2.3m after two weekends.

The aforementioned Casi Divas, Sony's local language production, ranks third in Mexico on $580,000 from 350 and stands at $1.9m after two.

Prom Night, the horror film that opened top in North America last weekend, has amassed $1.8m from two weekends in Australia.

Paramount's fantasy saga The Spiderwick Chronicles is on the cusp of crossing $75m following a $5.3m weekend haul from 3,018 sites in 63 territories that raised the tally to $74m. France was the key result here on $2m from 454 including previews, while the film added $1.1m from 413 in the UK for $19.6m and $1m for $5.5m in the third weekend in Australia.

The Ruins grossed $1.7m from 558 in nine territories for an early $2m score. The horror title launched in six territories including Spain, where it took $438,000 from 200. Monster movie Cloverfield added a further $1m in its third week of release in Japan for $8.1m there and $86.2m overall.

No Country for Old Men keeps on going and grossed $613,000 from 651 venues in 58 territories for $84m.

The treasure seeking caper Fool's Gold took $4.1m through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) from roughly 800 prints in 36 markets and stands at $20.1m.

The film launched in first place in the UK on $2.4m from 397 screens and did the same in Greece on $270,000 from 47.

10,000 BC's days as an active theatrical release are approaching extinction but WBPI will be thrilled with the results. A further $1.3m raised the cumulative total to $162.1m. The final release is Japan on April 26.

Universal released the number two North American film Forgetting Sarah Marshall day-and-date in Australia and Iceland through UPI. The romantic comedy roared to the top in Australia on $1.7m from 208 and did the same in Iceland on $31,000 from five.

The dark hitman comedy In Bruges launched strongly in the UK on $1.3m from 274 and has amassed $5.5m including the impressive run in Ireland. Upcoming releases through UPI include Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Dance drama Step Up 2 The Streets added $2.4m from 754 sites in Universal's five territories for $34.3m, rising to $76.3m including Summit International territories.

Romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe added $1.4m from 616 in 27 for $17.5m, Leatherheads added $1.2m from 515 for $4.7m and Nim's Island added $1m from 244 in Australia and New Zealand for $3.5m.

The cyber-thriller Untraceable added $400,000 from 440 in Universal's four territories and stands at $8.8m through UPI. Period drama The Other Boleyn Girl has amassed $29.5m through Universal's 12 territories.

Mike Leigh's winner Happy-Go-Lucky, which won the Silver Bear best actress award for Sally Hawkins at the Berlinale earlier in the year, opened in the UK on $657,000 from 77 prints. Summit International's teen fight club drama Never Back Down grossed $1.3m from 928 prints in seven markets.