Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park International has closed key territories on the supernatural action film Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance 3D to star Nicolas Cage.

HPI chief Mimi Steinbauer has licensed rights to Warner Bros for Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

The company has licensed rights to France (SND), Russia (Central Partnership), Scandinavia (Nordisk), Benelux (E1), South Africa (Nu Metro), Portugal (Lusomundo), Iceland (Myndform), Turkey (Aqua Pinema) and Eastern Europe (Pa-Dora).

Further deals closed in Taiwan (CMC), Hong Kong (Deltamac), Middle East (Phars) and Latin America (Swen).

Cage reprises his role as the former motorcycle stuntman turned supernatural enforcer. Ciaran Hinds, Idris Elba and Italy’s Violante Placido also star and Crank’s Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor will direct. Sony will release in North America in summer 2012.