Fledgling Los Angeles-based finance and production company SyntaxEntertainment has licensed the movie rights to Gale E Christianson's book EdwinHubble: Mariner Of The Nebulae, based on the father of the Big Bang theory.

The film version, which is being produced with Los Angelesbased production outfit Persistent Entertainment, will be called Hubble and chronicles the astronomer's controversial lifeand the woman who inspired him.

Shawn Otto, who co-wrote the screenplay for House Of Sand AndFog, has been hired toadapt the screenplay.

Persistent Entertainment principals Matthew Rhodes, who served asexecutive producer on Lasse Halstrom's drama An Unfinished Life for Miramax and Revolution Studios, andJudd Payne, are producing with Syntax.

Hubbleis one of two projects currently in the works at Syntax, the other being theadaptation of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's epic romance Love In The Time OfCholera, which Syntax isproducing with Scott Steindorff's Stone Village Pictures.

Syntax is headed up by theatre impresario Brantley Dunaway andbacked by a group of private equity investors. The company aims to produce sixto 10 titles a year determined on a case-by-case basis.

"Syntax is interested in projects with strong, emotional storylines and well-defined characters," Dunaway said in a statement.

"We're pursuing all types of projects vigorously. Steeped in atheatrical background, I'm drawn to entertainment that inspires and ignites anaudience."

Dunaway producedAndrew Lloyd Webber's Bombay Dreams, which earned three Tony Nominations this year. His other theatrecredits include Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks.