Universal's TheHulk enjoyed several good holdoversat the weekend to add $5.1m from 3,076 theatres in 28 countries and raise itsinternational running total to $81.5m.

With no new openings thecomic book adaptation remained number one in its second week in the UK,grossing $2.3m from 499 sites and dropping 37% for a $10.8m total.

In France itadded $796,000 from 568, dropping 29% for $9.9m after 26 days, while Germanyproduced $219,000 from 286 and ninth place, down 36% for a 25-day total of$4.1m.

Elsewhere thefilm continued to do strong business in Spain, where it ranks sixth and took$446,000 from 345, dropping 26% for $7m after 24 days.

In Mexico itfinished eighth, adding $94,000 from 191 with a big 70% drop for $11.6m after31 days.

In Australia TheHulk finished 10th anddropped 62% in its fifth week, raising its 32-day score to $6.2m with $108,000from 179.

The film stillhas 12 markets to open, the next being Japan on Aug 2.

2 Fast 2Furious raised itsrunning total to $83.4m after a slew of impressive bows contributed to a $2.9mweekend haul from 1,432 sites in 24 countries.

Russia opened onan excellent $1m from 126 sites, combining with Ukraine's similarlyimpressive $175,000 from 25 for a regional box office that is already 250%bigger than the original.

When The FastAnd The Furious openedin 2001 it amassed $334,000 in the two markets.

In another strong bow, Norway grossed $443,000 from 24,which the studio claimed was 85% bigger than the original and its seventhbiggest opening ever.

In its sixthweek in the UK the film placed 10th, taking $247,000 from 185 and dropping amere 10% for $12m.

Germany's39-day total climbed to $10.3m, adding $130,000 from 270 despite a 36% drop and11th place.

Finally Italy (12th) added $27,000 from 29, down 43% inits sixth week for $3.3m; Spain (10th) grossed $139,000 from 158, down 31% inits sixth week for $6.3m; and in its second week in Singapore the film rankedsecond, adding $92,000 from 24 for a terrific $508,000 running total.

There are still 17 countries left to go for 2 Fast 2Furious. Japan is scheduled to open on Aug23 and Korea on Sept 5.

The comedy JohnnyEnglish opened numberone in France through StudioCanal. Preliminary figures indicate at least350,000 admissions, which the studio claims is the equivalent of $1.8m.

The film's international cumulative score stands at$119m. Japan will be the next and final release on Oct 4.

Ned Kelly opened fourth in New Zealand on $76,000from 47, combining with the Australian box office for a $5.1m running total.The next release is the UK on Sept 26.