Marvel Studios' The Incredible Hulk has amassed more than $36.1m
mostly through UPI and is expected to dominate this weekend as it
launches in 12 territories including Italy on June 18 and India on
June 20.

The comic-book adaptation has amassed more than $36.1m and was
released in Australia and New Zealand through PPI.

Comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall has taken $27.2m so far and opens in
eight including France on June 18.

Family adventure Nim's Island has grossed $13.8m through UPI and opens in Germany on June 19.

The spy spoof Get Smart opens day-and-date with North America in 14
markets through Warner Bros Pictures International this weekend.

The major openers are Brazil and South Korea. The film will roll out
throughout the summer and arrives in Italy on July 9, Germany on July
17, Spain on July 23, the UK on August 22 and France on September 10.
Paramount's Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull has
amassed a formidable $365.4m through PPI and stands a chance of
crossing $400m if it holds well in its territories and scores a hit
launch in Japan on June 21.

DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda has grossed $46.7m so far and
opens in three territories including Mexico on June 18.

The Happening opened virtually everywhere through Fox International
last weekend and currently stands at $40.5m.

Executives will look tostrong holds and good results in three new key markets this weekend led by Argentina.

The romantic comedy What ppens In Vegas has reached $118.4m and opens in Vietnam.

New Line International's Sex And The City, which is being released
through the moribund company's existing output deals, has amassed more than $145.6m.

The biggest territory to date has been the UK on $42.6m, while Germany
has produced $18.9m, Australia $16.7m, France $13.9m, Italy $9.5m and South Korea $5.2m.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian has rustled up $128.5m
through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International, a remarkable figure bearing in mind the fantasy adventure has still not opened in a single Western European territory.

Caspian opens in New Zealand and Venezuela this weekend ahead of next weekend's anticipated launches in the UK and France.