Universal's The Hulk added $2.6m from 2,180 sites in 25 countries at the weekend toraise its international running total to $87.2m.

The results do not include grosses for France and LatinAmerica, which are still being collated, but do encompass a disappointingJapanese opening figure of $1.2m from 432 theatres in its first two days.

There are still 11 territories to open, including India, Lebanonand Slovenia this week.

The street racing sequel 2 Fast 2 Furious grossed $660,000 from 661 sites in 18countries, raising its total to date to $85.8m.

Results from Romania and Venezuela, where the film opened,are due tomorrow. Grosses for France and Latin America have not been collated.

There are 15 territories to go and this weekend 2 Fast 2Furious opens inThailand. Japan follows on Aug 23 and Korea on Sept 5.

Johnny English held strong in its second week in France, where it is beingreleased through Studiocanal.

The comedy added $1.1m, dropping 39% for joint first place with Charlie'sAngels: Full Throttleand raising the French total to $3.8m.

Johnny English's international running total is now $121.2m (including France).Its final territory will be Japan, where the Rowan Atkinson spy spoof is due toopen on October 4.