Korean director Hur Jin-ho has extended his section of pan-Asian omnibus Chengdu, I Love You into a feature entitled Season Of Good Rain (working title), which is scheduled for an autumn release.

Jung Woo-sung stars in the project which was initially announced as part of the Chengdu omnibus.

Hur Jin-ho, who is renowned for romances with seasonal themes such as April Snow and Christmas In August, is returning to this theme in Season Of Good Rain which is set in the city of Chengdu in China’s Sichuan province.

Jung plays a visiting architect who runs into an old friend from his student years in the US. When the two meet in this different place and time, they realise that what they had back then was love, and it blossoms again in “a season of good rain” which refers to a Tang Dynasty poem.

The omnibus Chengdu, I Love You was planned as a homage to the city which was hit by a devastating earthquake in May last year. It also features shorts from Hong Kong’s Fruit Chan and mainland China’s Cui Jian.

Hur is planning to edit a short out of his feature which is currently in post-production. Shot entirely on location in Chengdu, the feature has an expected running time of 100 minutes.

The film is co-produced by Korea’s Pancinema Corp and China’s Zonbo Media, and will be distributed locally in Koreaby N.E.W.

A prolific importer of foreign films, Pancinema has taken on international sales of Season Of Good Rain.