Elizabeth Hurley has roundedout a dynamic cast on New Line's upcoming action comedy The Cleaner, joining Lucy Liu and American comedian Cedric TheEntertainer on the project, which is set to go into production this summer witha North American release set for 2006.

Les Mayfield has been linedup to direct the $27m story of an amnesiac janitor who is fooled into believinghe's an undercover agent on the trail of an international arms ring involvingthe CIA and FBI.

Liu will play an actualagent who falls for the janitor, while Hurley adds intrigue as a femme fatalewho uses the hapless worker for her Machiavellian devices.

Rat Entertainment's JayStern and Brett Ratner will bring their Rush Hour experience to bear as producers along with Bird AndA Bear Entertainment's Eric Rhone, who collaborated with Cedric on the comediesJohnson Family Vacation and TheHoneymooners, which is currently inpost production.

Cedric and Liu will serve asexecutive producers along with AJ Dix and Anthony Rhulen, whose productioncompany Film Engine has a first-look deal with New Line.

New Line productionexecutives Mark Kaufman, Matt Moore and Luke Ryan are overseeing the projectfor the studio.

Liu will next be seen inTony Scott's upcoming action biopic Domino, which New Line will distribute in North America, as well as FilmEngine's Lucky Number Slevin, asprawling gangster thriller that stars Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett, BenKingsley and Morgan Freeman.

Kathy Morgan Internationalis handling international sales and is also representing at Cannes the romanticcomedy In The Land Of Menstarring Meg Ryan and Adam Brody, which is currently in production and will bereleased in North America through Warner Independent Pictures, and mafia drama NailedRight In starring Scott Caan, MenaSuvari and Alec Baldwin.