After scoring box office success with comedies aimed at the youth market such as the Erkan & Stefan franchise and Feuer, Eis Und Dosenbier, Munich production house Hofmann & Voges Entertainment (HVE) is now turning its attention to producing the first German teen zombie comedy Die Nacht Der Lebenden Loser (Night Of The Living Dorks).

Co-produced with Constantin Film Produktion - HVE have a first look production deal with Constantin - the film is being directed by Feuer, Eis Und Dosenbier's Matthias Dinter at locations in and around Munich from July 29.

It will feature such up-and-coming local talent as Tino Mewes (Do Fish Do It'), Manuel Cortez (Seventeen - Maedchen Sind Die Besseren Jungs), Thomas Schmieder (90/99) and Nadine Germann (Abschied).

Die Nacht Der Lebenden Loser follows three teenage schoolboys (played by Mewes, Cortez and Schmieder) who die in a car accident and come back as the living dead because they had taken part in an amateur voodoo ritual. However, their new state does have its advantages as they are now able to stand up to their arrogant classmates and at last score with the opposite sex.

According to producer Philip Voges: "This film will freshen up the teen-comedy genre. The horror elements offer the opportunity to deal with the ups and downs of growing up in completely new ways, taking teenage problems very seriously and at the same time taking the humour to the extreme.'