Fired up by a raft of strong holds, Fox International's I, Robotwas once again the biggest international picture around as it crossed $100m atthe weekend.

The sci-fithriller grossed an estimated $18.8m from 5,350 international screens toelevate its international running total to $108m.

Key markets were the UK, where I, Robot fell 39% in its secondweekend on $4.5m on 448 screens for $19.9m, and Germany, which produced an 18%drop and added $3.9m on 914 for $11.5m.

Brazil also produced a strong result as I, Robot remained top forthe second weekend in a row and added $578,000 on 350 for $1.9m after a 33%fall.

Third weekend holds were steady as the picture added $1.1m for$12.5m in Spain, $1.6m for $10.5m in France. $412,000 for $5.3m in Mexico,$677,000 for $8m in Korea for Fox International's sixth biggest release ever,and $356,000 for $4.3m in Taiwan.

The distributor scored its third biggest ever debut in the UnitedArab Emirates as I, Robot opened top on $346,000 on 16 screens, while $229,000on 102 in India was enough for first place and Fox's seventh biggest opening ofall time.

Fox International will open the picture in Japan on Sept 18 and Italyon Oct 22. Eastern Europe, South Africa and parts of Latin America are alsostill to open.

The comedy Garfield added $5.1m on 2,000 screens to raise itsinternational cumulative total to $35.5m.

Highlights were $1.7m on 504 in France and $1.2m on 380 in itsthird weekend in the UK, dropping only 11% for $9.7m.

Latest totals reveal a highly successful run in Latin America,with Mexico on $7.5m, Brazil on $5.6m, and Argentina on $1.2m - all in theirfifth weekends.

Alien Vs Predator opened number one in a day-and-date release inThailand that produced Fox's fifth biggest ever debut on $1m on 260 screens.

The drama Man On Fire opened on $589,000 on 270 in Mexico andraised its total in Australia to $2.6m after two weekends, remaining number onefor the second week in a row.

The picture will use its Venice festival slot to launch intoEurope this autumn.