Fox International's Ice Age 2: The Meltdown remained the runaway number one title in theinternational marketplace as it swept past $300m.

The hit animated sequel added $40.3m on 8,964screens to raise the international cumulative tally to $333.1m.

It opened number one in Italy on a superb $6.2m on 644 screens,and scored a decent South Korean debut in second place on $1.8m on 234. TheJapanese debut was less than expected, grossing $1.2m on 464 screens.Executives are hoping for strong holds as Japan heads into Golden Week.

Strong holdover business powered much of the weekend haul. Afterthree weekends Ice Age 2 added $3m for $42.7m in the UK, $1.8m for $29.8m in France, and$2m for $12.8m in Australia. After four it added $2.2m in Brazil for $15.1m,and $1m in Mexico for $27.4m. Most of these were believed to be number oneholds except Mexico.

Also for Fox, Date Movie stands at $26.6m and The Hills Have Eyes has grossed $12.4m to date. Thriller TheSentinel openedday-and-date with North America in a few small Asian markets and tookapproximately $571,000.

Dimension Films' Scary Movie 4 added an estimated $18m through BuenaVista International (BVI), raising the international running total to $34m. Thehorror spoof is in a terrific position to build on its ten-day total.

Scary Movie 4 opened in Germany on $5.2m from 600 sites in what BVI executivessuggested might be the number one spot.

In other debuts, it grossed $3.5m from 350 in Italy for anunconfirmed ranking, and $1.6m on 400 screens in Mexico for a possible numberone.

Scary Movie 4 scored strong number two openings in two smaller territories,grossing $352,000 from 40 in New Zealand and $324,000 on 42 screens inArgentina.

In second weekend holdovers the picture generated $1.6m from 383sites in the UK and $1.1m for $4.3m in Australia, ranking number two in both.

Animated family picture The Wild raised its international tally by $4.5mto $17.5m. After two weekends it has grossed $3.4m in Mexico, $3.2m in Spain,$2.9m in Italy, and $880,000 in Brazil.

Eight Below added $2.3m for $15.2m. The adventure launched on $820,000 inAustralia and opened on $770,000 in the UK.

Latest totals put The Shaggy Dog on $14m and The Chronicles Of Narnia:The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe on $447.5m. The C S Lewis adaptation has amassed $739.3m worldwideand becomes the 20th biggest global release of all time.

Universal's heist thriller Inside Man added $8.2m from 2,850 venues in 43territories through UIP for a fine $65m international running total. Combinedwith the domestic $80m-plus tally, the global total is expected to cross $150mthis week.

The picture opened in South Korea on $1m from 120 for a thirdplace finish behind a local comedy and Ice Age 2.

Inside Man stands at $4.8m in France after two weekends, $12.2m in the UK forseventh place after five, $7.8m in Germany for sixth place after six, $6.1m inItaly for third place after three, and $3.7m in Spain for second place aftertwo.

It stands in eighth place on $4.9m in Australia after fiveweekends and fifth place on $3.1m in Brazil and ninth place on $3.1m in Mexico,both after the same amount of time.

American Dreamz opened in fourth place in the UK on $1.3m from 354 sites. The nextopening is Australia on Apr 27.

Nanny McPhee added $1.2m from 1,050 venues in 30 territories for an impressive$71.2m running total that includes $63.7m from UIP. There are five territoriesstill to open.

The comedy-horror title Slither launched in its first major market ofFrance on $300,000 from 150 sites. The next openings are Mexico and Spain onMay 12.

Paramount's rom-com Failure To Launch added $3.1m from 1,347 sites in 33territories for $28.5m. It opened in third place in Spain on $1.2m from 221sites.

Warner Bros Pictures International's V For Vendetta grossed $6.8m from approximately 1,900prints in 54 countries for $43.1m.

The picture opened in third place in France on $1.8m and 235,400admissions from 336 prints nationwide. In the weekend's other major debut, VFor Vendetta opened inJapan in third place on $1.3m from 253. After three weekends Spain stands at$4m, and Brazil is on $1.2m.

Sony PicturesReleasing International executives did not report this weekend.