Fox International's Ice Age 2: The Meltdown is bearing down on $400m followinganother dominant weekend that generated an estimated $25.3m.

Playing on 8,396 screens, the smash animated sequel has nowamassed $373.6m in international ticket sales.

The highlight was a superb $4.7m second weekend haul in Italy on647 screens for number one and a $15.1m running total.

Fourth weekend number ones holds took place in France on $3.3m on847 screens for $38.6m, $3.1m in Germany on 1,093 for an excellent $51.7m, $1.7min the UK on 485 for a mighty $45.5m, and $1.4m in Australia on 336 for $15.8m.After two weekends Japan generated $1.1m on 467 for $2.8m.

Fox International also opened Silent Hill at number one on $940,000 in its onlymarket of Taiwan.

Elsewhere Bee Season opened in Spain for $694,000 on 225, Aquamarine opened in Mexico on $285,000 on 202, andlocal language pick-up Cronica De Una Fuga opened at number three on $285,000 on 30screens.

Buena Vista International (BVI) reported continued solid businesson Dimension's comedy franchise hit Scary Movie 4, which added $9.5m for a $48minternational tally.

The picture added $2.3m on 635 screens in Germany in its second weekendfor second place and stands at $7.4m. Italy produced $2.1m on 462 for $7.6mafter the same amount of time.

After three weekends, the UK, Australia and Mexico stand at justunder $9m, $5.6m, and $3.1m respectively.

Adventure picture Eight Below added $5m for $23m, powered by an impressive$1.7m French debut in 500 sites, $760,000 in Spain, and a $202,000 number onelaunch in New Zealand on 45 screens. After two weekends Australia stands at $2.2m.

The Wild added$3.6m for $22.5m and opened number one in Russia on $1.1m on 240 screens,approximately twice as much as Madagascar. The Shaggy Dog added $800,000 for a $16m international cumulative total.

Universal's Inside Man added $5m through UIP in 2,500 sites in 47 territories for asolid $73.3m international tally.

After six weekends the picture has taken $13.2m in the UK, $3.4min Brazil and $3.2m in Mexico. Germany has amassed $8.1m after five, whileAustralia stands at $3.4m after four and Spain has grossed $4.8m after three.

Universal's American Dreamz opened in seventh place in Australia on $530,0000 in 145sites. The picture added $875,000 in the UK, where it ranks sixth on $2.6m. Theearly international cumulative total is $3.1m.

Universal's Nanny McPhee added $400,000 from 750 sites in 26 territories for anexcellent $72m running total of which $65.3m comes from UIP.

Domestic opener United 93 will get its international premiere at Cannes on May 26 andthe international roll-out begins in the UK and Germany on the weekend of Jun2. The rest of the world will roll out in July, August and September.

Paramount's romantic comedy Failure To Launch added $1.7m from 1,052 locations across39 territories for a $31.3m international tally.

Warner Bros Pictures International's V For Vendetta added $3.7m from approximately 1,051screens in 56 countries for $51.2m.

Japan produced $1.2m and 80,000 admissions from 178 nationwidescreens in its second weekend to rank number three on $3.5m.

After the same amount of time France added $1.1m and 145,600 admissionsfrom 336 nationwide prints for $3.4m.

The thriller 16 Blocks opened number two in the UK on $1.3m from 301 sites, whileGermany raised the total after two weekends to $1.3m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) family picture Yours,Mine And Ours raised thetotal by $735,000 on 800 screens in 24 markets for $13.9m.

The picture opened at number 11 in Germany on $170,000 on120 screens. After four weekends Mexico stands at $3.9m, and after sevenAustralia has amassed $1.7m.

Hostel added$1.9m on 674 screens in 28 markets for a $29m international running total.

The horror picture opened in Germany at number three on $1.3m on214 screens, and debuted at number three in Austria on $220,000 on 41.

When AStranger Calls added$1.1m on 687 screens in 25 markets for $5.3m. The horror title opened at numberthree in Mexico on $500,000 on 300 screens, and opened at number four in thePhilippines on $70,000 on 50.