UPDATE: As of Friday Fox International’s follow-up to the behemoth that is Ice Age 3 had grossed more than $11m from 12 of this weekend’s initial wave of 37 markets.

Ice Age: Continent Drift scored the biggest opening day in France for the year-to-date on Wednesday (27) as well as the industry’s second biggest animated opening day of all time after generating an estimated $2.5m and 402,000 admissions, rising to $3.8m over the first two days.

It opened in Australia on Thursday (28) on $920,000 for approximately 110% against the opening day performance of Ice Age 3. Including previews since Sunday (24) it stood at $2.3m heading into the weekend.

The family adventure set Fox’s second biggest animated launch behind Ice Age 3 in Mexico where opening day Thursday produced $1.6m. Sweden has generated $777,000, Belgium $275,000 and Peru $562,104 for Fox’s biggest ever opening day (28) and the second biggest holiday opening day in industry history behind Transformers 3.

Colombia generated $500,040 for Fox’s biggest paid previews ever, Argentina $377,816 for the biggest launch for a Fox film on a non-holiday (28), Chile $225,179 for Fox’s third biggest opening day (28) behind The Simpsons and Star Wars Episode 3 and central America $186,000.

Ice Age: Continental Drift is going out in a staggered pattern and will open this weekend on a smaller footprint than its predecessor. It arrives in around 8,500 screens – including a 4,200-strong 3D component – in 37 markets. This equates to roughly half the screens and markets of the day-and-date release of Ice Age 3 in July 2009. That film went on to gross $694m internationally.

Ice Age 4’s initial foray includes three majors in addition to France and Australia, namely Brazil and Spain, where the national team’s participation against Italy in the Euro 2012 final is likely to impact results.

The film will venture into a further 14 markets next week including Germany and Holland, followed by another 16 markets day-and-date with the US including the UK and Russia.

Fox International’s Prometheus stands at $154.3m, while Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens in a handful of markets this weekend and has grossed $9.7m. Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has reached $84.5m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International opens The Amazing Spider-Man in approximately 15 territories including Germany, Russia, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Holland.