Fox International's Ice Age 2: The Meltdown remained the runaway number one title inthe international marketplace as it crossed $250m in its third weekend.

The hit animated sequel added an estimated $54m on 7,298 screensin 57 territories over the Easter weekend for a total of $250.5m.

Strong holdovers and low drop-offs powered weekend business, ledby Germany's $10.9m on 1,111 screens for $35.3m, France's $7.4m on 863 for$23.2m, and the UK's $6.7m on 502 for $33.7m.

Elsewhere Australia added $3.1m on 388 for $8.4m, Spain generated$3m on 450 for $18m, and Brazil produced $2.6m on 519 for $12.2m.

Latest figures from Fox International executives put Russia on$17.5m, Austria on $6.1m, Switzerland on $6m, Belgium on $5.5m, and Norway on$5.1m.

Of the new openings, Hong Kong produced $829,000 on 45 andThailand generated $516,000 on 110.

The Pink Panther added $1m overall for a $72m international cumulative tally.

Universal's heist thriller Inside Man grossed $12m from 2,900 sites in 41territories through UIP to raise the international total to $51m.

The picture opened in France on $2.4m from 338 for an unconfirmedsecond or third place ranking. It scored Spike Lee's biggest ever debut andUIP's biggest in the market for the year to date.

Spain produced a second place debut on $2m from 246, while Belgiumalso generated a second place debut on $516,000 from 42.

Inside Man stayed top in Italy for the second consecutive weekend, adding$1.3m from 207 for $3.8m. Elsewhere, the UK stands at $11.1m in fourth place, Germanyhas amassed $6.9m, Australia stands at $4.1m, Brazil stands at $2.6m, andMexico has produced $2.8m.

Universal's children's title Nanny McPhee added $1.7m from 1,5000 venues in 33territories for $62.1m through UIP and $68m through all distributors.

Paramount's romantic comedy Failure To Launch added $3.2m from 1,594 locations in 27for $23.1m.

Buena Vista International (BVI) launched the animated family titleThe Wild in 24markets on a decent $10m.

Highlights were Spain's $2.2m haul, Mexico's $1.9m, Italy's $1.3m,and France's $1.2m. Elsewhere the picture took $480,000 in Brazil, $365,000 inArgentina, and $260,000 in Belgium.

BVI unleashed Dimension Films' Scary Movie 4 in eight markets for a promising $9mweekend tally, led by $3.5m in the UK and $2m in Australia.

Both debuts were better than the openings of Scary Movie 1 and 2 and trailed the third instalment by aslim margin. However Russia's $1.6m launch was some 60% better than the firstthree episodes combined, illustrating once again the size of the market'sexpansion in recent years.

Holland produced a series record opening of $750,000 and Denmarkgenerated $360,000.

The adventure Eight Below added $900,000 for $11.3m. It opens in the UK and Australianext weekend. Meanwhile BVI's The Shaggy Dog raised its running total by $1.1m to$12.4m.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe added $1.5m for a $445m international anda $737m global cumulative total.

Warner Bros Pictures International's V For Vendetta grossed $3.2m from more than 1,400 printsin 41 markets to raise the tally to $37.1m.

After two weekends Spain and Brazil stand at $2.8m and$875,000 respectively, while Australia has taken $3m after three.

After five weekends, the UK stands at $5.9m, South Koreahas reached $3.1m, Mexico stands at $2.9m, Italy is on $2.8m, and Germany hasamassed $2.7m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's family title Yours,Mine And Ours added$1.9m on 1,065 screens in 24 markets for $10.4m.

Spainproduced a sixth place debut on $615,000 on 100 screens, while Mexico generated$715,000 on 327 and ranks third on $2.6m after two weekends. Australia added$170,000 on 158 for $900,000 after five weekends.

Hostel added$1.3m on 700 screens in 24 markets for $24.4m. The horror tale opened in fourthplace in Brazil on $285,000 on 101, and ranked number one in Taipei following a$260,000 gross on 18 screens. Nationwide figures will become available thisweek.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose added $655,000 on 227 for a $68.5m international runningtotal. It opened in fifth place in South Korea on $605,000 on 122 screens.

Ultraviolet took $400,000 on 245 screens in eightmarkets for a total of $2.2m, led by a sixth place Mexican debut on $225,000 on150 screens.