Fox International's Ice Age has passed $200m in international box office ticketsales, the distributor said yesterday.

The hit animation was released in the US last spring, eventually generating $174.8m at thedomestic box office, a figure that has been complemented by impressive totalselsewhere.

In Germany, Ice Age opened on March 21 with a record $7.7m bow for an animated filmthat was also Fox's third biggest opening. The $33.9m running total isthe eighth highest ever achieved in the territory.

In the UK it opened on March 22 and finished on $21.4m. In otherEuropean markets Ice Age took a mighty $8.2m in Italy, $14.7m in France and a stunning$12.1m in Spain.

Ice Agealso cut a swathe through the Asian markets. After opening in China on September30 it reached $637,085, while in Taiwan it opened on June 15 with $1.1m -the biggest Fox opening ever in the market - and became the biggestanimated film of all time in the territory, finishing on $2.9m.

In Japan it has taken $16.1m at the box office, while in Australiait has notched up $10.9m since opening on March 21.

The Latin American markets responded well, too. In Mexico IceAge scored the biggestindustry opening of all time on March 15 with $3.7m and went on to accumulate $20.6m.It was also the highest grossing animated film and the second highest grossingpicture of all time in the territory behind Titanic.

Ice Age scored a$950,710 opening in Brazil on March 22 and went on to earn $5.6m. This was thebiggest March opening ever, the second biggest animated picture and Fox'ssixth highest opener of all time in the territory. Argentina's July 11$487,912 bow was the second biggest opening of the year and yielded acumulative score of $2.04m.

Upcoming releases include Croatia on December 26; Turkey andYugoslavia on January 31, 2003; and Bulgaria on March 28, 2003.